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Technology has allowed family members around the world to become more and more connected, and this is a blessing for personal and business communication.

It is also of great significance to many families. Thanks to the worldwide expansion of business, it’s common for parents to go overseas, taking their partners and kids with them. Sometimes this is for a matter of months or years, but can even become a permanent relocation. Keeping in touch with (and even just seeing the faces of) loved ones could become an expensive and logistically difficult.

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As a result, a grandparent could miss watching their grand children grow up. And while the family might be able to finance a once a year get-together, that hardly fills the gap.

Thanks to free video conferencing, it’s very easy to stay in touch and watch your loved ones grow up. Conversations previously rushed and timed because of expensive long distance fees now happen  naturally, with family able to enjoy every last minute.

Remember the excitement when your partner proposed or you found out your were expecting? You wanted to share it with the world, but it was so much more exciting to do so in person! Not an easy task when you are in Paris and your extended family is in Vancouver. However, video conferencing makes it so simple, no one need miss out on all of the family’s milestones and precious moments.

Some families like to send elaborate Christmas cards that include a rundown of all the significant and amusing things they experienced over the previous 12 months. A nice touch, but wouldn’t it be even nicer to get together for a video conference once a week? You can hear about great news much faster, and provide quick advice and assistance when it comes to solving problems.

Early examples of video conferencing services had a number of problems, not the least of which was tinny, uneven sound that would cut out and leave people frustrated. The technology continues to evolve and is today more stable, with clearer audio and video.

As a further bonus, free video conferencing now also allows for the sharing of images. The screen sharing function means that you can upload documents of your choice, including pictures and videos. Did you happen to catch your child’s first words with your cell phone? You could transfer it to your computer, burn it to a disc, and then mail this to your parents. But wouldn’t you rather share this exciting event immediately? Video conferencing easily allows special moments to become part of your family history with only a few mouse clicks.

Even those who find computers to be a challenge will have little difficulty taking advantage of this live conferencing service. Unlike many such offerings, there are no downloads or software to install on your computer. Your video meetings are completely private and can include three live video feeds, allowing you to link families (and continents!) together with just a few mouse clicks.

Video conferencing allows everyone in the family to stay current and stay connected. And who can argue that price?


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