Family saves Abandoned Baby from a Trash Alley

A newborn baby is lucky to be alive after he was dumped in an East Boston alley by his teenage mother moments after birth.

On Monday night Deysi Vargas, her husband and brother heard a baby crying outside their home. The three followed the tiny cries to the alley below, where they spotted the naked infant lying alone amid the trash.

While Deysi’s husband went to call the local fire station, she grabbed a blanket.

Because of the way that it was built, there is no way to enter the alley from the street. In order for firefighters to get to the newborn they needed to tear down the barriers.   To keep the child safe until emergency crews arrived Deysi’s brother lowered himself down from the first floor apartment and stayed with the baby until the rescuers could get in.

The baby was taken at Massachusetts General Hospital and later given to child welfare authorities. He is said to be doing well.

The Boston police later conducted a search in the neighborhood for the mother whom neighbors confirmed as being a teenager and a resident of a second floor apartment.

Says one of the neighbors Jessica Ventura  “Every time she saw someone on the street, she always used to hide her stomach. She didn’t want anyone to know she was pregnant.”

Another neighbor, 51 year old Maria Pecora said that the girl often wore baggy clothes and she must have been scared because she herself was so young.

The mother was also taken by the authorities to the hospital.

In the aftermath of the incident, the State authorities want moms to know that a newborn can be safely dropped off at any staffed fire stations, police station or hospital.

“We had a potential tragedy,” said state Rep. Carlo Basile, standing outside the nearby Saratoga Street fire station, where a child up to seven days old can be left under the state’s Safe Haven Law. “That mother could have come here and dropped the baby off.”

– Atula, Staff Writer

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  • The teenagers know about the law, however they choose to ignore it. They don’t want the child, AND they don’t want anyone else to have the child, including the father. It’s a control issue. The child is their property to do with as they wish. This is not an uncommon attitude. Consider how many mother would rather kill their children, than allow the father to have custody through the courts. Remember the South Carolina mother who rolled her car into the lake with the children inside, simply because her new boyfriend didn’t want to be a stepfather, and the father wanted to take them?

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