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Father and Son Find Newborn Abandoned in Field

While out for a walk yesterday, Randy Petroskey and son Nick were surprised when they came across something that appeared to be a a plastic, pink doll sold by toy stores.

When the boy’s foot moved, Randy, 52, a retired police captain, called 911. He used his polo shirt to wrap the naked boy and brushed off ants and flies that crawled over him. He was cautious not to destroy the boy’s umbilical cord, which remained attached.

The pair were “miraculously” standing within feet of the abandoned infant and likely saved the boy’s life.

The baby, who was only hours old, was rushed to Manatee Memorial Hospital. Police believe that he was probably delivered, and immediately abandoned, in the woods.

This story is sad to me for a couple reasons.

  1. There are many amazing couples out there waiting to be parents – who can’t conceive. If this girl knew that she couldn’t care for the baby she should have at least had the courtesy to take him to a safe haven place like a fire station or hospital.
  2. Now, for the rest of his life, this little boy will have to live with the fact that his mom abandoned him in a field seconds after he arrived – unless his new parents decide to keep that a secret.


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  • This baby boy may have been abandoned in a field seconds after birth…but…that is on his mother.
    Being saved “miraculously” by two men taking a stroll, that is on him…he is a special being destined for a life of purpose. He should never be ashamed of his unusual beginings. I would love to follow him through life to see how it unfolds and if it were possible I would adopt him myself. My heart goes out to him…he is loved by people who don’t even know him. A lucky little guy.

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