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Featured Review: Joovy Cocoon X2

Before I had kids I jogged twice a day. Now that my oldest is back to school and we have adjusted to his routine and I have started back up thanks to the Cocoon X2.

The Joovy Cocoon is the latest addition the their line-up.  This stroller-jogger-bicycle trailer offers families a versatile ‘pod’ that can be useful for many outings.  For me, it has been a way for me to jog while bringing BOTH my boys along for the ride.

Out of the box, I was concerned that the installation was going to be a production, but I was wrong.  Even though it looks intimidating there is very little to do to get up and going.  All I needed to do was clip in all 4 wheels, the handlebar and I was ready to go.

The interior of the Cocoon X2 is spacious.  It features 2 – 5-point harnesses, lot of legroom and a couple of pockets for the kids to store their stuff.  When inside together, both of my boys have lots of room and don’t complain at all(which is unusual).  The single Cocoon has a passenger weight of 60lbs, while the double (which I tested) can hold 2 riders 50lbs each!

Because parents jog and bike in all of the elements, the Cocoon features plastic windows on each side and a third one in front, which can be un-zipped to be used with just the mesh.  Parents who are concerned about airflow during rainy or snowy weather will like that the back panel of the Cocoon is mesh to allow airflow through the back of the stroller if needed.

At the back there is a huge space for parents to store anything they need for a day out.  This storage compartment is 8″ deep which will easily allow it to hold jackets, lunches and the biggest diaperbag you can get your hands on. There is LOTS of space here.  Because it is meant for an active family, the Cocoon doesn’t have cup holders.  You can, however, purchase Joovy’s parent pack to attach across the handles if your find yourself using it more for strolling than biking.

The part that impressed me the most about this Jogger is the push.  The Cocoon pushes with very little effort.  Joovy’s use of 2 full size 20″ tires on the back and pneumatic swivel 8″ front wheels offer a super smooth ride for your passengers and cargo.  The Cocoon goes over all terrain easily to give the rider a fun experience and the jogger an easy run.

I am truly in love with this jogger.  Even fully loaded with both of my kids and their stuff, it pushes easily, which is much appreciated because I am not the jogger I used to be.  The kids also like coming with me when I jog and cheer me on as we fly through the neighborhood.

For our test, we took the Cocoon through the park by our house & around the neighbourhood.  Because it is a bit wide and shaped much like a square I wouldn’t recommend this as a mall or travel stroller.  It is, however perfect for the day the park, the market or an amusement park.  And while I can’t speak for it’s ability to be a bike trailer, but I am very fond of it as a jogger.

For parents who would like to fold it, the Cocoon easily collapses by unclipping two levers located at the back and releasing a lever.  When folded, it is surprisingly flat.  The wheels can also be removed quickly for a more compact fold or storage during the really cold months.

Over the last couple weeks, the Cocoon has been my go-to stroller for afternoon walks and jogs with the kids.  Having it is going to definitely help me get in shape because I will jog more knowing that I can tote my  guys in a fun safe way.

The Cocoon currently comes in 2 models – a single and a double.  as a single, it is 41″H x 25.75″W x 40″L, as a double it is 5.25 inches wider measuring 41″H x 31″W x 40″L.

WIN ONE! – Through Nov 1st Joovy is having a scavenger hunt for a chance to win 1 of 3 Cocoons! Please visit their contest page for more information.

*Thank you to Joovy for sending us the Cocoon X2 to review*

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