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Featured Review ~ The Stokke Scoot

Well known for their modern, clean designs, Stokke is also one of the leading luxury brands in the baby market.  In October they expanded their stroller collection from a single buggy to three when they debuted the Crusi, the company’s first double stroller and the Scoot, a compact ‘connection stroller’.

This Summer the Scoot has been our go-to for day trips with long walks and full-day outings when the kids get tired closer to the end of the day.  It is light(23lbs), doesn’t take up a lot of room in my truck and is full of great features that make excursions easier.  Priced at $599, it is not a budget stroller.  But, this well-built buggy is a little workhorse.

stokke softbag Out of the box, all I needed to do was install the canopy and pop on the 4 wheels.  The whole process took me 10 minutes and I was ready to go!  To open the stroller all you need to do is pull the handle up and the wheels with unfold in front of you.  The frame will click to let you know that it is locked in place.

From birth, the Scoot can be used with an additional Softbag(pictured, right $75) or infant seat adapters(Maxi-Cosi, Pebble, CabrioFix, Mico, Prezi or Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Tri-Fix).

For your child’s comfort that seat on the Scoot can be configured 4 ways; forward upright(active), forward reclined(rest), rear-facing upright(active), rear facing reclined(rest).

Stokke Scoot seat positions

Just like with the Crusi, the side of the seat has an indicator that lets parents know if the seat has been positioned properly.  Along with an audible click, the circle will turn green when the seat is on the right, which I love.

Stokke Scoot - seat indicator

The seat comes equipped with a three position adjustable 5-point harness that can be customized to your child’s size by re-threading the strap at the back.  At first I wasn’t too sure about this as the back of the seat is covered in fabric, but it was easy to just unzip the backing and re-thread the clips into the desired position.

Stokke Scoot - seat

The recline system on the Scoot is unique as it is done with clips on either side of the back of the seat.  You do need to do this with two hands but it is smoother for babies who are sleeping as the rate of recline can be controlled by the parent as opposed to using a mechanism, which can be jerky.

Stokke Scoot recline

The seat was designed from a sturdy textile that can be spot cleaned.  If you need to clean it in better detail, it appears that the cover may be removable as there quite a few snaps positioned throughout the frame.  We didn’t have any disasters during out test(thank god!) so I didn’t need to test this theory out.

The Scoot has a great water repellant 3-panel canopy that can be adjusted depending upon the weather.  For sunny days, parents can unzip the back panel to reveal a mesh strip that allows for better ventilation. The hood also has 4 positions and an additional visor that can be flipped out.  Just like the seat, the canopy is made from a textile that is durable and rugged.

Stokke Scoot - canopy mesh panel

The shopping basket on the Scoot is a moderate size.  It is accessible from three sides, which makes it easy to get your gear in and out.  If you pile your shopping bags in properly, it holds a deceivingly large amount of purchases.  I start by putting a bag on each side to essentially create ‘walls’ and then pile the rest through the middle.  Because the basket is created from a very sturdy double weaved plastic, it is does just fine when you fill it up.

Stokke Scoot - Shopping Basket

For parents of different heights the Scoot has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted from 38″ to 41″.  One of my favorite features of this stroller is its smooth push.  Regardless of which one of my kids is in the stroller, the Scoot glides easily over pavement and concrete and does fine when moving through the grass.  It is not an all-terrain stroller so I wouldn’t recommend tackling mud, soft sand or rocky areas with it.  It is, however, perfect for the mall, park, market or airport. If you are planning on travelling with it I would buy a travel bag for it – just to ensure nothing happens to it during transit.

Stokke has designed it with four – 6.5 ” foam tires that can be locked at the front for bumpier terrains.  And while the brake lever is located in the middle of the frame, it is easy to use and didn’t ever affect my stride.

The fold on the Scoot takes a few times to master, but it can be done with one hand.  All you have to do is fold the seat up, which exposes a lever.  From here you slide the lever forward and press down.

Stokke Scoot - seat folded closing the stokke Scoot

This will cause the whole seat to collapse backward, folding the stroller in half. Easy. You can now use the bar where the lever is located to carry the stroller.

Stokke Scoot - partial fold

The Scoot doesn’t have a lock, but it does stay closed due to the weight of the frame.  I have hauled it in and out of my truck many times this Summer and haven’t had an issue with it swinging open unexpectedly.

Stokke Scoot - folded


Stokke Scoot Solor Options

The Scoot comes with a Mosquito Net and Rain Cover. Below are a few additional items that you can purchase to accessorize your stroller.


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