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Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton to Design Clothing Line For Argos

For Spice Girl Emma Bunton, designing a clothing line has always been her dream – a dream that will soon come true, thanks to UK retailer Argos.

The week Argos revealed that they’ve been collaborating with Emma on a clothing line, set to be released in January of 2012, for babies and children up to 10 years old. The collection will contain a total of 99 pieces, and according to some early images, the attire will be both practical and fun with guitars and skulls for boys and bright, bold patterns for girls. T-shirts, knits and trendy jeans are also expected to be part of the fashion line-up. Emma’s son, Beau, is also rumored to be one of the models that will help debut the clothing line.

Now mother of two, Emma says she struggled trying to find clothing that she liked for her boys.

“As a Mum myself, I’m forever searching for fun and fashionable clothes for my boys that are comfortable and practical too – clothes they really want to wear,” Emma stated. “Working with Argos has given me the opportunity to create exactly that.”

Emily Jacobs, Business Development Manager at Argos believes that Emma’s line will help Argos achieve some authority in the competitive market of children’s clothing.

“Emma’s collection will take Argos childrenswear to a new level with a fully comprehensive and credible range, putting Argos on the childrenswear map as a clothing destination,” Jacobs stated.

Fun, practical and comfortable for children (especially boys)…what a glorious idea!

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