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Hospital Is Looking For Mom Who Took Home Wrong Baby 6 Months Ago!

Staff at St Elisabeth clinic in Saarlouis Germany are looking for a mother who unknowingly left the hospital with the wrong baby – six months ago.

A couple had a paternity test done after they began to have doubts about whether they were really the parents of their baby girl.

The tests showed that they baby was not theirs. The difficulty now lies in finding the right child, which will prove to be a problem because 14 mothers gave birth that same day.

The two newborn girls were mixed up and went home with the wrong parents, authorities admitted yesterday. Officials said they are now trying to correct the mistake.

The clinic is now trying to find out who the real parents are, said its director, Franz-Josef Backes.

Results from blood and DNA tests should resolve the matter, but not for up to two weeks, he said, adding: “It is really a terrible time for the parents, to be left hanging like that.”

The woman who has been identified with the wrong baby is under 24-hour supervision by the youth services office, Ms Bachmann said. “It is a very difficult situation,” she added.

Mathias Uhlig, the head doctor at the clinic, said it is examining all of its procedures to identify where the error might have occurred.

Why does it seem that this is happening more than it should? I think this is why babies don’t go to a common nursery anymore.

It all just doesn’t make sense. You have them, they are tagged, you are tagged. It’s not like 3 people are delivering in the same room at the same time…

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