Hot Sexy Pregnant Mommy

When I was pregnant all I could find was big underwear, even bigger bras to go with my long frumpy jammies.
It seems that I was living in the wrong country because New Zealand has the BEST pregnancy lingerie. HOTmilk made some waves last summer when the media deemed their advertising ‘Pregnancy Porn’.

Hot Sexy Pregnant Mom

I think all those journalists are prudes because this company’s pregnancy lingerie is sexy.

For some women pregnancy is a very sexy time in their life.

Hot Sexy Pregnant Mom

Some find that pregnancy makes them want sex more than they did before they became pregnant. This increase in sex drive is caused by hormonal changes.

Hot Sexy Pregnant Mom

Having something great to wear on those nights would definitely go a long way to keeping the mood strong.

Hot Sexy Pregnant Mom

For more info and prices please visit HOTmilk’s site

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  • nooooo. that is not hot. its the hardest longest more bodily traumatizing experience a woman can go through. true its a miracle. but sexy….i didnt feel that way any of the 3 times i was pregnant…

  • i have to agree. during both of my pregnancies, i was ILL, fat, and really lazy. i am hoping this pregnancy goes better (i am 4 weeks BTW)yay. i am a bit tired here lately, gassy. not morning sickness YET or always hungry ….. actually i am eating less than i was before i found out i was pregnant. poor baby is starving. :((.

  • I think this is one of the best fashion ideas I’ve ever seen! I am at that stage of pregnancy where I feel fat, but people can tell it’s a baby bump and everyone loves it. My fiancee especially loves it. He looks and me like I’m more sexy than ever, but sometimes I have trouble feeling that way. I can’t fit into any of my normal lingerie, and I’ve been dying to find something I can wear now. And yes, I’m craving sex more than my poor man can oblige.

  • I love that they sell sexy maternity outfits. This is my first pregnancy, and now that I am done with my first trimester, my libido is in over-drive. I love the idea that I can be pregnant and still look sexy for my man. This is a very special time in our lives, and I am choosing to feel and be sexy.

  • I personally think that this is awesome. Yes, during the first 3 -4 months I really don’t want to be touched because of nausea and general uncomfortableness. But after that my sex drive tends to go into overdrive. My husband loves my body when I am pregnant and tells me so everyday. I think that that helps a lot with my confidence during the times when you do start to feel fat. Especially since the middle trimester is really the only time that hubby and I can really do more than cuddle due to my issues with preterm labor (2 preemies thus far, 31 weeks and 34 weeks, but both are doing great). So the more that he and I can do to make me feel sexy the better I feel about everything with pregnancy.

  • I think that is grate that mom’s can look, and fell sexy. I’m at the point in my pregnancy that I fell huge and haven a sexy body be for and then you just expand you fell like crap. If you have that special someone there telling you that you are still beautiful, and still just as sexy I think any woman wouldn’t mind haven there baby or getting pregnant. At this point I love it, it hasn’t slowed me down one bit. If markings appear so what look at it as a mark showing that you brought a beautiful life into this world and let it show you that you are a mom and be the best you can be to your child and any other child in this world. The way I see it is I’m not only a child to my baby or my future baby’s I’m a mom to all baby’s in this world and will try to help in any way that I could no matter what it would cost me.

  • Expecting mommies are HOT, beaming with life, and they DO want it….Cant’ get her pregnant….LOL

  • I think this is amazing. I am pregnant right now, and yes I do not feel nearly as sexy as i did before i got pregnant, but my husband makes me feel like I am absolutely stunning. This is a great idea. I would buy pregnancy lingerie!!

  • I am pregnant and I feel damn sexy! My man loves my prego belly and it has honestly made us closer on an intimate level. Yea your body changes but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be sexy!

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