Identical Twin Gives Birth To Sister’s Baby

In 2009 while she was 30 weeks pregnant Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

She needed to start chemotherapy immediately which forced her to give birth to her son Dylan by emergency caesarean section at 31 weeks.

“When Allison was diagnosed at such a young age and at a time in her life when she was the happiest, it was simply devastating,” Allison’s identical twin sister Dawn told

Allison was able to beat her cancer, but it left her unable to have another child.

While the sisters were at an oncologist appointment 6 years ago, Dawn made a promise to her sister that she would carry her baby if she wanted another one.

Dawn and Allison Ardolino

Dawn made good on her promise last week when she delivered a healthy baby boy.

In a post on Facebook Allison thanked her sister,

“You kept that promise through all the devastating highs and lows, but throughout it all, you have been constant in your optimism, support and loving care for us. When most people would have given up during the struggles we endured, you just pushed through it all. Time and time again when we thought we should quit, you never gave up. You don’t believe in the words, ‘I can’t’. You only see ‘I can’, and so many times YOU DID!”

Baby Hudson William arrived on August 5.  The baby was conceived with one of Allison’s eggs and her husband’s sperm.  But despite this, Allison hopes that ‘the strength, selflessness, and power’ Dawn has are traits that he takes from her during his life.


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