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Gabrielle Union Shares Her Struggle with Infertility in Upcoming Book

Infertility is a painful and silent struggle – one that only those going through it can truly understand. Just ask Gabrielle Union, who is sharing her heartbreaking infertility story with the world in her upcoming book, We’re Going to Need More Wine.


World First: Woman Gives Birth Using Own Frozen Ovary

A long journey to motherhood ended when 24-year-old Moaza Al Matrooshi gave birth to a son, thanks to surgeons who were able to restore her fertility by implanting ovary tissue taken from her as a child.


New Study Offers Potential Hope to Women Suffering from Infertility Associated with Endometriosis

Statistics indicate that some 10 percent of women suffer from endometriosis – a chronic and often painful disorder in which the lining that typically grows inside the uterus (endometrium) grows on the outside of it instead. Symptoms often include chronic abdominal pain and irregular periods, but it can also cause infertility. In fact, some 50 percent of women who need fertility treatments suffer from the condition.


Woman In Her 70s, Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

Better late than never? An Indian woman has surprised many by welcoming a baby boy in her 70s.


UPDATE: Cleveland Clinic Reveals More Details About Uterus Transplant Recipient

2016 truly is the year for scientific and medical leaps and bounds. Last month a Cleveland Clinic revealed that they had completed it’s very first uterus transplant, something that can potentially give many women hope.


Cleveland Clinic Performs The U.S’s First Uterus Transplant

Exciting news for women who were born without a uterus, or had to have it removed prematurely – a team of Cleveland Clinic surgeons have performed the nation’s first uterus transplant during a nine-hour surgery.


New Study Offers Reassurance for Parents Receiving Infertility Treatments

A new study provides some reassurance regarding developmental difficulties in children conceived through infertility treatments. The findings were published in JAMA Pediatrics by Edwina Yeung PhD, of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Health and Human Development, part of the National Institutes of Health, and her research associates.


Cleveland Clinic to Be First U.S. Hospital To Conduct Clinical Trials Of Uterus Transplants

As we’ve previously reported this year the UK approved a womb transplant program that was piloted in Sweden with successful childbirths to its credit. Now this special surgery may help infertile women in the United States as well, but with a slightly different protocol. The Swedish program uses wombs from relatives, often the recipient’s own mother. In the US – as well as the UK – the womb donors are either deceased or clinically brain dead.


Mom Shares Image of Baby surrounded by Syringes To Create Awareness About Infertility

It is estimated that 1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. In an attempt to have a baby many couples go through endless treatments, and drugs to help with Ovulation Induction and egg release. This process can be a long road, but once they’re pregnant, all of the hard work is worth it.


UK Approves Womb Transplant for 10 Women

doctors from the Imperial College London in the UK have been given ethical approval to start a clinical trial that will allow 10 women from the UK to receive transplanted wombs and hopefully give birth to their own babies.


Moms and Sperm Donor Siblings Reunite

An unconventional family reunion took place in Niagara Falls this week where eight “diblings” – donor-conceived siblings – and their mothers met up to begin what the families hope will be a lifelong friendship.