Is Fluoride Risky For Pregnant Women?

A new study claims to have found a link between fluoride in water and pregnancy anemia, pre-term birth, and under-weight newborns. Could there be a danger to drinking water with fluoride when you are pregnant?

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Fluoride expert, AK Susheela, published a study in Current Science claiming that fluoride is actually a risk factor for pregnant women. Susheela’s team found that women who experience anemia, even with proper nutrition and iron and folic acid supplementation, may have the fluoride in their drinking water to blame.

For the study, pregnant women suffering from anemia were separated into two groups. One group avoided drinking water and eating foods that had fluoride added to them, the second group did not. Both groups were given iron supplements to help with their anemia. The group that avoided fluoride had reduced rates of anemia, fewer preterm births, and fewer low-weight infants leading researchers to believe that the fluoride is the culprit.

“Maternal and child under-nutrition and anemia is not necessarily due to insufficient food intake but because of the derangement of nutrient absorption due to damage caused to GI (gastrointestinal) mucosa by ingestion of undesired chemical substances, viz. fluoride through food, water and other sources,” writes Susheela.

According to some, too much fluoride can reduce the amount of red blood cells, inhibit vitamin B12 production and block the nutrients needed for hemoglobin biosynthesis.

Fluoride is a common ingredient in many commercial toothpastes to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth. It has also been added to the drinking water as a way to reach more people who were unable to afford dental care. – Summer, staff writer

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