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jacob & bonomi ~ Fabulous bedding for tiny tots

Finding the perfect bed linens for little people can often be quite a task. Parents looking for simple classic designs for toddlers’ bedding have found the answer in jacob & bonomi!

Bed linens by jacob & bonomi provide the perfect pairing of clean & simple, yet fun & fabulous. The Australian line was started in 2006 by a mom frustrated by the lack of selection in toddlers’ bedding. With a background in photography and a strong sense of design, she set about creating the perfect set of bed linens.

With just a few colors and simple designs, jacob & bonomi bed linens compliment any tot’s room. In addition to sheet sets and duvet covers, all made of 100% percale cotton, the jacob & bonomi line also has 100% brushed cotton bed blankets, providing extra snuggly warmth during colder months. My personal favorite would have to be the Lil’ Apple sheet set and the red Birdie bassinet blanket but I also think that the Tree of Life set would be darling in a little girl’s room.

Simple, clean, crisp and fabulous ~ jacob & bonomi has a great line of bedding for tiny tots! – Belinda, Staff Writer

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