Joy Replaces Sadness When Baby Thought To Be Stillborn Breathes

When Emergency workers arrived at a Kansas City home after a 911 call from a woman who’s daughter was in labor, they were handed a bloody towel with a tiny baby inside. The woman said it was stillborn, but then the rescue worker felt a tiny foot move against her hand.

tiny baby feet

Michelle Johnson was not due to have her baby until September 28th, so when she began feeling pain Monday she assumed it was false labor. As she collapsed to the floor her mother called 911, knowing there was no way she could make it to the hospital in time.

When the emergency workers realized the tiny baby was alive and still encased in the sac they quickly took action. Using a pair of sterile scissors they cut the membranes away as the baby struggled for air. Once in the ambulance they were able to suction the baby’s nose and mouth. Little Izeah took a deep breath and started crying and moving.

Izeah weighed less than 3 pounds and was just over two months premature. His color quickly turned from a pale grey to a bright pink as the ambulance left for the hospital. Michelle was taken in another ambulance, and arrived at the hospital to find out her baby boy was alive and well.

According to Michelle, Izeah “doing great” and “He looks really healthy.” This tiny miracle baby did not even need a breathing machine after his ordeal. – Jill, Staff Writer

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