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Judge Separates Newborn Twins During Custody Battle Between Their Dads

In what has resulted in a very unique(and ridiculous) arrangement, a judge has ruled that a set of twins, who were born in July, be separated to live with their biological dads.

While on The View this morning David Tutera, the host of “My Fair Wedding”, revealed the unusual settlement that has been in place between himself and his former partner Ryan Jurica.

David Tutera and Ryan Jurica

The dads, who were together for 10 years, separated in January, just shortly after a surrogate became pregnant with the twins. David told the ladies of The View that his relationship with Ryan had been going down hill for 6 years but they conceived with the hopes that a family would make it better.

“We went through with (having kids) in hopes that the relationship would get better and that having a family would make it better.”

“I’ve always wanted the fairy tale life of being in a relationship. I fell in love with Ryan. I still love Ryan. That is a very true fact,” the 47-year-old host said of his ex.

David Tutera with newborn daughter Cielo When they were trying to conceive each dad fertilized an egg(from the same biological mother) that was then transferred in to the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.

Initially reported that David was seeking full legal and physical custody of the twins, with visitation for his partner.

But shortly after the babies’ arrival a judge issued a temporary custody arrangement in which David got custody of his biological child, baby girl Cielo, and Ryan was given custody of his biological child, Cedric.

When asked if he wants the twins to have a relationship David said,

Absolutely Yes. But that can’t happen until the environment is calm, peaceful and an environment that a child should be stepping into and being friends with one another as brother and sister. I have no right to not have them not know each other but I can protect my daughter about when that time is the right time.

Oddly enough, it sounds as though each dad just took their baby and went their separate ways when they children were born. David told Barbara Walters that he and Ryan are just starting to communicate and that in recent weeks, they have exchanged photos of the babies.

What is sad is that these babies spent 35 weeks in the womb together and if these dads don’t think those babies bonded in the womb they are WRONG. It is horrible to hear that they have been split up and are being made to live apart. Regardless of the genetics, these babies ARE twins and they should be together.


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  • This judge needs his head examined. Genetics aside these babies need to be together. It is horrible that he allowed them to be separated.

    • My niece and nephew are fraternal twins and they used to hold hands all of the time in the crib when they were newborns and snuggle together at naptime. It breaks my heart to know that these dads have no regard for this bond and just took their own kid and ran.

    • I agree that twins bond in the womb, but THIS is just one of the problems that can happen when we play God and when couples have babies to FIX a crumbling relationship. It’s so sad. BUT, I can see why, in this case, the men were each given their biological child. I applaud David for wanting them to share a life but NOT until the situation with his ex is calm enough to bring a child into. I do hope things work out and BOTH men think of the babies – these very bonded babies. On the other hand, sometimes one twin doesn,’t make it and there’s no proof that the surviving twin suffers.

  • It is selfish of these dads to allow their children to be separated. Their kids are not toys. They are human beings who have spent months together bonding. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Have a baby to help the relationship? Really? That’s the worst possible reason to have a baby. If your relationship is failing babies will add on to the stress not fix it. Now because of their stupidity these babies have to grow up without their sibling. Not impressed at all.

    • I agree. Being a parent is tough and you need a strong relationship for it to be a success. I can’t believe the surrogate handed the twins over knowing what was going to happen. If it were me I would have put the brakes on the whole thing.

    • Amen to that. A baby does nothing to fix a failing relationship. But, I don’t think fraternal twins, in separate sacs, bond in quite the same way identical twins bond. Still, this is such a sad situation. However, each father has his own biological child. If we continue to play God- it’s going to affect the babies because such unusual legal problems can arise. What do you think would happen if the biological MOTHER wanted them back?? There are just too many unknowns when it comes to surrogacy. Laws are being made every day to meet these changing problems.

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