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Kate Gosselin Offers Octuplets Mom Advice

Just hours after news broke that a Southern California woman gave birth to a set of octuplets, Kate shared with Access Hollywood some advice for the new mom.


For starters, life will never be the same from this point forward.

“I feel like I have octuplets sometimes, so I say, ‘Wow! Hold on! Life will never be the same,” Kate told Access. “[It will be] better and different — and sometimes lonely, believe it or not. And I don’t mean lonely or lacking kids, I just mean that others will never be able to relate and the parents will feel like every day is an uphill battle that only they can fight.”

Kate also shared advice she, in retrospect, wished someone had told their family early on.

“I wish they would have told us that although we are always surrounded by more people than we know what to do with, we often feel lonely and lack friends and family who truly know how we feel,” she said.

In addition to a larger family, Kate said that many aspects of life also changed that she had not anticipated.

“I wish someone would have told me that every — every aspect of my life would change… not only our family size, number of children, hopes and dreams, logistics of how things are done and that houses are not built for our family’s makeup,” Kate explained. “Boxes of cereal, rolls of paper towels, and boxes of snacks or recipes are never ever going to be big enough again for us!”

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  • This woman irks me to no end. She knew what she was doing taking fertility drugs. “Sometimes I feel like I have octuplets” woman please!! Sounds like a woe is me, send me more money plea to me!! Got to pay off that million dollar mansion

  • If you go to the TLC website there is no discussion board for The Jon and Kate show. They took it down beacuse of all of the negative feedback. These folks are having all these babies for money. Period. The husband didn’t even have a job. They accept handouts wherever they can get them. What was the plan for providing for these childre. Thier bills are paid now because of that show. I refuse to watch because it sends a dangerous message. How are these people any different from welfare moms? The state of California will have to foot the hospital bill for that crazy woman. Which I hear will be in the millions.

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