Louisiana Woman Discovers Her Cramps Were Contractions!

Kevin Molinere Marjorie Rodrigue, 43, was told by doctors that she couldn’t get pregnant. Apparently, they were wrong!

Marjorie called an ambulance after experiencing chest pains and extreme cramping. Paramedics evaluated Rodrigue, who could barely walk, when they arrived. The 235 pound, 5 foot diabetic was then transported to Terrebonne General Medical Center.

After her arrival, Rodrigue hadn’t even made it to a hospital bed when she gave birth to a 4 pound, 1 ounce baby boy.

“I had to use the bathroom and it came out. It was quick,” said Rodrigue.

The infant’s father, Clark Molinere Sr., was offshore during the delivery. According to Rodrigue, he was the first person she called after the birth. Rodrigue reported that he was shocked to hear the news, saying,

“He didn’t believe he was a daddy. He kept saying, ‘Are you lying to me?’”

Molinere is father to two adult children, 18 and 19, that Rodrigue helped raise. She had always wanted a child of her own and is very excited that her wish has now come true.

Unfortunately, there is a little concern about the health of the infant, Kevin Molinere. According to doctors, he was about a month premature. He was also rather small and Rodrigue took prescription medications daily, not knowing that she was pregnant.

Little Kevin is still on a breathing machine and is scheduled for transport to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans for testing to ensure that there aren’t any health issues related to the prescription meds. He is expected to spend about a month in the hospital.

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