Mom Fights For Product Recall After Infant Daughter’s Injuries

Folichia Mitchell shares her journey as a mother dealing with the aftermath of a recalled product that caused severe harm to her 20-month-old daughter. In an emotional interview, Mitchell spoke to about her fight for justice and child safety alongside another mom, Ashley Haugen, who went through a similar ordeal.

water beads in the palm of a hand

“It’s been a long time coming,” Mitchell told PEOPLE, expressing her relief at the official recall of the Chuckle & Roar product that resulted in multiple surgeries for her daughter’s intestinal obstruction.

While water beads have become increasingly popular as a sensory play item for children, parents need to be aware that water beads can pose a potential risk to children’s safety. If swallowed, these tiny beads can cause choking or blockage in the digestive tract because they continue to grow up to 1,500 times their size. If inhaled, they can also lead to respiratory issues, hospitalization, and possibly death.

Advocating for more than just removing the specific product from shelves, Mitchell and Haugen are focused on eliminating water beads altogether due to their potential dangers. They highlight the uphill battle faced in ensuring children’s safety and demanding accountability from manufacturers.

The recent announcement by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the recall of the Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits, sold exclusively at Target, came as a surprise to Mitchell. With a constant online presence, she stumbled upon the news shortly after it was posted.

recalled Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits

“This recall is the right thing to do, the ethical thing to do, but they’re a day late and a dollar short,” Mitchell shares, expressing her mixed emotions. While she sees it as a step towards justice, she also acknowledges the lack of a timely response from the company, dating back to 2022 when the issue was first reported.

Despite the absence of an apology or any recognition from Chuckle & Roar, Mitchell finds solace in the support and guidance received from fellow impacted families. Together with Haugen, she is part of a group of moms advocating for change and regularly engaging with relevant organizations.

The tragic loss of Taylor Bethard’s baby girl, who passed away after ingesting a water bead, hits close to home for Mitchell and the group. Reflecting on the possibility of being in a similar position, Mitchell emphasizes the importance of their mission to protect children from harm.

Amidst it all, Mitchell finds comfort in her daughter’s progress. Kennedy is thriving, working closely with her medical team and reaching milestones like walking. However, the lingering worry about potential long-term effects remains.

As she enters a pre-nursing program and cherishes moments with her family, Mitchell vows to continue her advocacy work. Joining the board of That Water Bead Lady, she recognizes the need for ongoing efforts, stating, “This is a much bigger issue. I really care about keeping children safe and I think I have a role that I can play and something to offer in making that happen.”

Mitchell’s story serves as an important reminder of a mother’s determination to fight for justice and child safety.

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