Montana Mom Gives Birth On Transit Bus

Oftentimes, we as people get so caught up in the mundane activities of our daily lives, that sometimes life throws us a curve ball and gives us a surprise when we least expect it. It certainly seemed like a pretty ordinary day for Sharon Lee Buckskin of Montana last week.

baby feet

On July 15, the mom of three was headed into the town of Polson for some appointments, riding the local transit bus. But when she got off of the bus, she was bringing along a new little addition with her. Nine months pregnant, she was due on July 22. Buckskin began to experience contractions along the way, but felt that she would make it into town to visit her doctor.

Dana Tenas Hewankorn, a local resident, had just stepped out of her home when the nervous bus driver got her attention and told her a woman’s water broke on the bus. Hewankorn says, “It’s a good thing I was late for work.” She alerted the Elmo Tribal Health Clinic which was across the street. In the meantime, another local resident, Gigi Caye joined both women on the bus, supporting and reassuring Sharon, who had partially given birth at that point, that there was help on the way.

Dr. LeeAnna Muzquiz had been at the clinic when the call for help arrived. After arriving on the scene, she observed that the child was breech, at which point the women on scene had to help to maneuver Buckskin into a position where she was lying down and could push. Not long after, little Mathias Lee Buckskin made his grand entrance into the world on the bus. Mom and baby were both transported to the Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Polson.

Mathias joins his other siblings, Savannah Sunshine, Lyddll Light Owl and Lee Spottedeagle.  Mom and baby are both said to be doing well.



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