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Multipurpose Crib With A Unique Look

This crib was designed by Sirch, a German company that has brought us many unusual ride on cars for kids and a doll house named Villa Sibi, that retails for $600.

I have to say, I’m on the fence on this design. The toddler bed is nice. The neutral colour is calming with easy access for your child and the fact that the castor’s come off to allow the whole thing to rock is also a definite bonus!

The crib design is where I get lost. It seems confining to me. It would drive me crazy to not be able to see what my child is up to from the doorway. Cribs are made with spindles for a reason – to allow the air to flow freely while your child is sleeping. This design would make airflow an issue especially when the bed is lowered for older infants.

Design sometimes overlooks practicality and a crib that doesn’t allow you to see your child unless you are standing over them, may not be practical.

Make the sides a strong mesh that lets some air and light pass through and I may be a fan.

This design is currently only available in Europe for 779 Euros.

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