Nancy Grace Twins

Nancy Grace Delivers Twins Early

News Anchor Nancy Grace, 48, welcomed her first and second baby yesterday morning.

Lucy Elizabeth and John David made their entrance into the world 2 months early after Nancy developed a pulmonary edema during her pregnancy and “her physician determined it would be best for Nancy, and for the twins, to deliver them early.

“Lucy Elizabeth, John David and their proud parents are now resting comfortably,” they said, adding John David weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce at birth, while Lucy Elizabeth weighed 2 pounds, 15 ounces when she was born.

No other details were provided regarding Nancy’s condition nor that of her twins. SOURCE

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  • The twins turned one year old very recently and Nancy is into her fifties, wayyyyyyy too old to have had those eggs she bought thrust up into herself. That is a form of child abuse towards those little babies.They can push Nancy in her wheelchair when they graduate the elementary school:)

  • I saw a funny picture of Nancy disGrace with the following comment placed into the picture. It reads “Every time a child is murdered, Nancy Grace has an orgasm.” Just hilarious, yet probably so accurate. She thrives on victimizing real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime in her lifetime, she remains clue-less to the damage she does to real actual victims of crimes.

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