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Researchers Pick and Choose Which TV Shows are OK For Toddlers

First they say that TV is bad, now they saw it isn’t so bad if you watch these shows…

A new study of early TV-watching and future attention problems reveals that “Arthur” and “Barney” are OK for toddler TV-watching, but not “Rugrats” and certainly not “.

The research involved children younger than 3, so TV is mostly a no-no anyway, according to the experts. But if TV is allowed, it should be of the educational variety, the researchers said.

Every hour per day that kids under 3 watched violent child-oriented entertainment their risk doubled for attention problems five years later, the study found. Even nonviolent kids’ shows like “Rugrats” and “The Flintstones” carried a still substantial risk for attention problems, though slightly lower.

On the other hand, educational shows, including “Arthur,” “Barney” and “Sesame Street” had no association with future attention problems.

I wonder how Dora, Diego and Backyardigans rate? SOURCE

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