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New Budget Bill Grants Tax Exemptions for Child and Baby Products

Exciting news for parents and caregivers! You can now save a little more on essential items for your little ones. The state legislature recently passed a new budget bill that includes sales tax exemptions for various child and baby products.

Tax Exemptions for Child and Baby Products

Starting from October 1st, products such as children’s diapers, therapeutic creams, wipes, child restraints, booster seats, and more will be tax-exempt. This means you can stock up on these necessities without paying any extra fees.

However, it’s important to note that only children’s diapers are exempt from taxes, while adult diapers are not included in this exemption.

Therapeutic and preventative creams and wipes will also be tax-exempt, but only if they are marketed primarily for children and used as topical treatments.

Please be aware that standard hygiene products like soaps, cleaning solutions, shampoo, suntan lotions, and sunscreens do not qualify for this exemption.

To ensure safety, child restraints and booster seats must meet the National Highway Safety Administration standard. Similarly, cribs and strollers must meet federal safety standards to be eligible for the tax exemption.

And here’s some great news – there is no limit on the amount or value spent to qualify for the tax exemption. So feel free to shop to your heart’s content!

If you believe you were incorrectly charged sales tax on an exempt product, you can apply for a sales tax refund through the ST AR form.

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