2-Year-Old Found Safe in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula After Adventure in the Woods

A 2-year-old girl who went missing from her home in Michigan was discovered safe and sound thanks to the assistance of two family dogs. After being missing for several hours, authorities found the girl asleep with one dog serving as a pillow, while the other dog stayed by her side to protect her.

2-Year-Old Found Safe in Michigan's Upper Peninsula After Adventure in the Woods

The toddler, identified as Thea Chase, was reported missing in Faithorn around 8 p.m. on Wednesday.  Mom, Brooke Chase, described the panic that set in when she couldn’t find her daughter or the family’s dogs.

With a swamp on one side of their property and woods on the other, the family didn’t know where to start for their search.

“We’re [searching] everywhere around here,” she recalled. “It’s completely wooded — deep, thick woods around here. There’s a swamp over there, so of course we’re, like, freaking out. And after about fifteen minutes of searching for her with our friends and family, I called the cops.”

Adding,  “I was in such a fog and in such a shock that she was literally gone, in a split second.”

Local authorities, along with drones and rescue dogs, assisted in the search efforts. After midnight, a person riding an all-terrain vehicle located the girl about three miles from home. Medical staff examined her and determined that she was in good health.

It was revealed that the dog providing comfort to the toddler was a cocker spaniel, while the larger dog, a rottweiler, stood guard throughout the ordeal.

rottweiler cocker spaniel

Rottweiler/Cocker spaniel Cstock

This heartwarming story showcases how much our four legged are watching over us. This little girl has two guardian angels!

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