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Nova Scotia Couple Welcomes Rare Quadruplets

I am always amazed at the unbelievable things that happen during conception.A mom in Nova Scotia has given birth to a set of quadruplets that are made up of a set of identical boys and a set of identical girls.

The babies, which were conceived through IVF, are a rare medical phenomenon because only two embryos were injected and both split to develop into identical twins. Chances of that happening are about one in 70 million.

“I’ve never heard of it before,” said Vincer, who’s seen three sets of quadruplets delivered at the hospital. “To have two implanted embryos both succeed and then both split that would have to be very, very uncommon.”

The boys are said to be struggling with respiratory problems and other issues that come with being born so prematurely. Sadly, at least one is suffering from a significant premature breathing condition.

“He has very major respiratory failure at the moment,” Vincer, a neonatologist, told reporters as the babies’ parents looked on. “He’s still critically ill and we have our concerns about survival.”

The quads arrived at 29 weeks gestation, all weighing around three pounds each. At birth, 3 need to be vented. The two boys remain hooked up to special high-frequency ventilators because of their respiratory problems.

The couple say that they are eager to get their babies home to Greenwood, N.S., but understand that it will likely be months before any of them are able to leave.Christa MacKinnon, 29, said she had held only one of the babies for the first time Wednesday night, adding that there are so many tubes and lines of tape feeding into them that they’re difficult to see.

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