NZ Couple Wins Half Million Lotto Prize & Welcomes New Baby in 24 Hours

newborn baby with a gift For a couple from Auckland a new addition to the family and winning a half million dollars is all in a days work. The pair welcomed their first child in the morning and that very afternoon the new dad was on a plane to Wellington to collect their $ 519, 639.00 lottery winnings.

The day before the arrival of their first baby the parents-to-be, who wish to remain anonymous, found out that they won a half a million dollars. The husband was the first to find out but hesitated to tell his wife for fear that her excitement would cause her to go into labor early.

“When I checked my tickets and found out I was a big winner I went home straight away and told my wife and she started screaming. I thought she might suddenly give birth then and there! The baby ended up arriving early the next day, and I managed to fit in my flight to Wellington to collect our winnings after I knew mum and baby were safe”.

The new parents plan to purchase their first home then use the rest of their winnings to comfortably live off of during their maternity leave.

“It’s really nice to think we can become debt free and now purchase a home for our growing family, as we have always rented”.

Once the proud father arrived at NZ Lotteries in Wellington, he was presented with a bottle of champagne and a check for half a million dollars.

He plans to share his winnings with his family, however, since his wife is currently not drinking alcohol he is looking forward to enjoying the celebratory bottle of champagne all by himself. – Jeff, Staff Writer

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