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Ohio Couple Welcomes Quintuplets in Phoenix

Legendary multiple birth hospital, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center welcomed another set of quintuplets today.

Kathy and Ron Blatt and big sister Emily welcomed the five babies, 4 girls and 1 boy. The infants weighed between 2 lbs, 3 oz and 3lbs, 3oz. According to the hospital the babies were born following a 31-week, 5-day pregnancy and are being cared for by Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s neonatology specialists.

Kathy came to the Valley to be under the care of perinatologist Dr. John Elliot, an expert in the delivery of high-order multiples.

These babies are in good hands – Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center has delivered more high-order multiples – triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets – than any other hospital in the world.

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  • The doctor who let this woman gestate 5 babies should have his license revoked. Who in their right mind would put the mother and all those children at risk? And for what? So that they can have 6 kids? Look at the cost of things today. It’s difficult to raise 1 or 2 kids, let alone 6.

    I’ll bet that they have or will set up a web site asking for handouts.

    This woman is nothing more than an animal having a litter. This is ridiculous!

  • The couple was probably asked to reduce the babies when it was seen how many had developed.

    Because I have covered many of these stories before, I know that many of these couples feel that this is what they were given and they tend to get a lot of help from their families.

    Many of these families in this situation do set up websites and multiple registries, but I have not been able to find anything for this couple.

    Now that the babies are here, everyone should wish this family well and pray that the quints get strong enough to come home by their due date.

  • For the first comment that was written…
    I personally know Kathy and she is a wonderful mother. Her husband is so supportive and caring. They are educated people with highly respected careers. They wanted a large family, and God provided for them. They couldn’t be happier about having six children. Knowing Kathy, she may want more in the future. So you can mind your own business. People like you seriously need to get a life.

  • To “The Dude”

    I feel that your comments are a bit strong. Every child brings its own blessing and frankly, being asked to choose which one or ones of them that are conceived should be born is unthinkable. I, myself, have six children, two sets of boy-girl twins and two singles, both sons. And all of these children were born in a three-and-half year period.

    However, I do agree with you about requesting handouts. All of these people knew of the risks of taking fertility drugs, and they apparently felt that the benefits outweighed the risks. Therefore, web sites or any other means of requesting handouts, or even feeling that handouts should be offered or given, is grossly inappropriate. The public should not have to pay when people get what they have asked for

  • To “The Dude”

    I’ve had people like you say those very rude and selfish things to me. I am the mother of 2 survivng quints. I am educated. I have a master’s degree and am currently continuing my education. My husband is an Mech. Eng. My children were a gift as I am sure this very wonderful woman’s are. Mothers of HOMs have information crammed down our throats from the day we find out we are carrying HOMs(ed.High Order Multiples) to the day we deliver and after. We are not selfish! We made a choice to try to give ALL of our children a chance at life. No parent should ever be debased for doing that. I would not walk up to you and look at your family, hand you a gun, or other device of distruction and ask you to pick amongst your children.
    I did not come into having HOMs as a look for handouts. We purposely kept the fact that we were expecting quints a secret from many people just for that reason. We did have news trying to find way to contact us because others we knew and thought could keep a secret leaked it out. We never gave an interview to any of them. I only gave an interview after the fact to my college news because I was updating my info and they say that we had quints.
    And as for asking for quints…I should have never gotten pregnant with quints in the first place. Of the 11 eggs I had…3 were only big enough to be of any concer to our RE. The other 8 were so small they should have never ovulated let alone fertilized. But they did and the big ones didn’t…we got 5 ferternal boys! My sons were not IVF either. They never left my body until they were delivered. And IFV does not in any way say that HOMs can’t happen…they do, eggs split. We’ve all seen the stories.

    So, Kathy and Ron Blatt…CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think what you did is wonderful and if you are ever in Akron, please look up the 2 surviving Bailor Quints! I’m sure if you contact Jenny and Keith Hanselman they would be more than happy to talk to you. I know they were wonderful when they spoke to me in the hospital when I was pregnant with my babies. (You can most likely have your doctor contact Akron General Hospital or Akron Children’s and they can get you in touch with them.)

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