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On Guard Kids Safety Watch

This watch is designed to help keep your kids safe if they are in trouble. It combines a cool looking digital watch, with fun accessories, a piercing 110 decibel emergency alarm and an educational DVD that teaches your child how to use the watch to stay safe everyday. In the event of an emergency, your child can easily activate a very loud high-decibel alarm that instantly let’s everyone in the area know that they need help. Some examples of emergency situations where a child would activate the alarm are:

  • Approached by a stranger.
  • A bully is antagonizing a child and he or she feels uncomfortable.
  • Is injured and needs help.
  • A child gets separated from parent in a crowded mall or theme park.
  • Needs to ward off aggressive animals.

Some of the accessories and features included are: Interchangeable faceplate’s, snap-on flashlight, reminder alert, back lit LCD and a low battery indicator. There are 2 models for both boys and girls (5-8) (9 and up). Both priced at $29.95 U.S.

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