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Ontario Mom Welcomes Premature Twins In The Snowy Street

Officers in Windsor Ontario were surprised to come across a “hysterical” woman last night who was covered in a ‘considerable amount of blood’.

As sleet fell just before midnight last night, two Windsor police officers discovered a 27-year-old woman in distress in this southwestern Ontario city.

“Their initial reaction was that she was probably the victim of some kind of assault,” said Deputy Chief Jerome Brannagan.

After talking to the woman, a very different picture emerged for the officers.

“She revealed to them that she was pregnant, and lifted up her shirt, and revealed a newborn child,” Brannagan said.

Three minutes later, the unidentified woman gave birth to a second child while ‘standing and screaming’.

“(The officers) were quite surprised to say the least.”

The mother and children were taken to the hospital, where one of the newborns was reported to be in critical condition.

The gestation of the babies wasn’t given, but one arrived weighing four pounds, the other only three pounds.

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