Photo Of Injured Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby Goes Viral

For some moms, breast milk is their only feeding option and that is how their baby is fed.  This couldn’t have been more true in a photo that was taken by a Volunteer Rescue Group in Thailand that shows a blood-soaked woman lying on a hospital bed with her baby in her arms, waiting to be treated.

The image that showed the injured mother breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby went viral and evoked positive emotions from all over the internet.

The person who posted the image added, “This happened at Rong Kwang Hospital in Phrae province. The mother had an accident but she was holding her seven-month-old child close to her. She suffered a broken arm, a broken leg and a head injury, but she continued to breastfeed the baby. Both of them are now safe and are under close supervision of nurses and doctors.”

Photo Of Injured Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby Goes Viral

Often as a parent we sacrifice our needs for what our kid’s need.  Despite the fact that this mom was severely injured, she ensured her child was fed – and for that – she deserves all of the accolades she is getting from well wishers all over the world.


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  • No matter what, no matter the pain she is enduring. She is still there to feed her child no matter what the cost. Free milk from our human bodies for our human babies is and always will be free and shall always be best. Breast is best!! This photo teaches those who say “breastfeeding hurts” to shut up and feed your baby!!! Damn. Lol. This woman is going thru something even worse and your complaining of your breasts hurting and decide to buy formula instead. Not everyone has that option. So love what nature gave you. Youll appreciate it later

    • I hate comments like yours. Obviously breastfeeding IS best, and I tried my hardest. Yep, it hurt like hell, and yep, my babies were born a little early and couldn’t latch well, and yep, I had to go back to work full time at 8 weeks to afford a house for my babies, which didn’t allow me the ability to breastfeed full time, causing me to lose my supply, even with pumping around the clock. Comments like yours ignore all the valid reasons people “choose formula” and make us all feel like crap.

      Kudos to this mom, though, she’s a real hero. Her picture and story makes me feel empowered to be a mother and a woman, unlike Melissa’s comment.

    • Agreed! Breastfeeding was painful for me through week 8! I wasn’t sure I could continue breastfeeding until week 9. And we went through 14 mos! Crazy! Just do it!

  • I breastfed as long as I could until I literally had nothing to give my little one. Trust me. Most mothers want to continue breatfeeding. We know what’s best and would love to not have to buy expensive formula. Please don’t knock down the mom’s who have to give formula. We all just want our babies to be healthy. Kudos to this amazing mom though!

  • Thank you! I tried my absolute hardest. I cried many, many times when I couldn’t. I didn’t choose formula, I chose to feed my twins when my body wasn’t doing what I needed it to.

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