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Product Review: Mutsy Spider

The Mutsy Spider is a sleek, modern, lightweight buggy that takes compact strollers to another level.

It was created for busy parents who are always on the go. This stroller is so small when folded that it will fit in the trunk of any car. After storing a travel system in the back of my SUV for the last 2 years, I cannot believe that a stroller that is this comfy could fold up so small.

We had the pleasure of trying it out recently. Here are some things we liked about the Spider:

Installation: A breeze! The spider comes completely assembled except for the wheels. After removing the stroller from the box, the only thing left for parents to do is pop them on. Literally…They clip into the frame in seconds and you are ready to go.

Getting Started: Because this stroller folds up so compactly, it appears like there is more to do to get started. Once you pick the stroller up and unfold it like an accordion, it will just start to move into position. It kicks out, the seat drops down and you are ready to go.

Comfort and Features: As soon as my son saw this stroller he wanted to try it out around the kitchen. The padded 5 – point harness kept him in place and the headrest, which we had never experienced before, kept him comfortable. If he were to fall asleep in the stroller, the recline is easily adjusted from the back of the stroller. The rubber tires provide a smooth, easy ride under any condition and the telescopic handles are perfect for parents of all heights.

Because this stroller is a 3-wheeler, the wheelbase at the back is a bit wide. I attribute it to good engineering. 3 – wheelers are famous for tipping. Making the back 2 wheels a bit wider gives the whole unit more support and reduces the chances of it tipping.

Folding: Once you know what to fold, this stroller is a breeze. First, lower the telescopic handle. There is a lever on the left side of the seat that flips the seat up. Once up, you will see another lever that will fold the whole stroller up.

You can’t do this with one hand, but how often do you really need to?
Once folded, the Spider is the most compact stroller I have ever tested (dimensions to the right). I highly recommend the travel bag if you are planning to take it on a plane. If packed properly, the same lever that activates the final fold will also act as a handle to carry the whole unit.
Note: If the travel bag doesn’t zip up properly, flip the footrest and it should work.

Daddy Factor: Not every stroller was created with a poor dad in mind. This beefy, masculine stroller would make any dad look good while out in the neighborhood or at the park.

Storage: The storage basket was not created for a busy day of shopping at Christmas. There is a mesh storage area under the stroller that will hold a few bags nicely, but definitely not a comforter or even a big pack of diapers.

Additional accessories: Mutsy offers a matching diaper bag, footmuff, travel bag, and rain cover as additional accessories. For your convenience, you may want to pick up a cup holder for sippies/bottles from Babies R Us to clip onto the side of the handle for trips to the mall or park.

When all is said and done, I love this stroller. My husband and I are avid travelers so we have been looking for a stroller that would pack up well on the airplane and give our son comfort once we got to our final destination. The Spider hits the mark on all of our criteria while looking chic the whole way.

It is also perfect for parents who want something for quick outings or a nice walk in the Spring.

New for 2008 this stroller now comes in six colors (shown below).


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  • Hello There,

    I got a Mutsy Spider but I would like to get the safe2Go seat car just in order to add it to my stroller, do you know a place in which I can get it?

    Thanks in advance.

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