RECALL:Mattel’s Polly Pocket Magnetic Play Sets

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Mattel, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Products: Polly Pocket dolls and accessories with magnets

Units: About 2.4 million play sets (an additional 2 million play sets were sold worldwide)

Importer: Mattel Inc., of El Segundo, Calif.

Hazard: Tiny magnets inside the dolls and accessories can fall out undetected by parents and caregivers. The magnets can be swallowed, aspirated by young children or placed by a child in their nose or ears. When more than one magnet is swallowed, the magnets can attract each other and cause intestinal perforation, infection or blockage, which can be fatal. Aspiration to the lungs requires immediate surgery. Magnets placed in the nose or ears can cause swelling and be difficult to remove.

Incidents/Injuries: CPSC is aware of 170 reports of the small magnets coming out of these recalled toys. There were three reports of serious injuries to children who swallowed more than one magnet. All three suffered intestinal perforations that required surgery. A 2-year-old child was hospitalized for seven days and a 7-year-old child was hospitalized for 12 days. An 8-year-old child was also hospitalized.

Description: The recalled Polly Pocket play sets contain plastic dolls and accessories that have small magnets. The magnets measure 1/8 inch in diameter and are imbedded in the hands and feet of some dolls, and in the plastic clothing, hair pieces and other accessories to help the pieces attach to the doll or to the doll’s house. The model number is printed on the bottom of the largest pieces on some of the play sets. Contact Mattel if you cannot find a model number on your product to determine if it is part of the recall. Polly Pocket magnetic play sets currently on store shelves are not included in this recall.

Polly Pocket Magnetic Play SetsItem Number
Polly Pocket!™ Polly Place™ Hangin’ Out House™B2632
Polly Pocket!™ Polly Place™ Treetop Clubhouse™B3158
Polly Pocket!™ Spa Day™B3201
Polly Totally!™ Polly Place™ Totally Tiki Diner™B7118
Polly Pocket!™ Quik-Clik™ BoutiqueG8605
Polly Pocket!™ Quik-Clik™ City Pretty PlaysetH1537
Polly Pocket!™ Quik-Clik™ Sporty Style PlaysetH1538
Polly Pocket!™ Totally Zen™ PlaysetH3211

Sold at: Discount department stores and toy stores from May 2003 through September 2006 for between $15 and $30.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately take these recalled toys away from children and contact Mattel to arrange for the return of the sets and to receive a voucher for a replacement toy of the customer’s choice, up to the value of the returned product.

Consumer Contact: For additional information contact Mattel at (888) 597-6597 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at

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