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Risk Of Cerebral Palsy Increases With Mild Constant Stress During Pregnancy

Developing fetuses are very sensitive to any environmental changes. The stress hormone cortisol can cross the placental barrier when you are under a high degree of stress, and may affect your baby’s brain development — specifically memory.

Chronic mild stress in pregnant mothers may increase the risk that their offspring will develop cerebral palsy — a group of neurological disorders marked by physical disability — according to new research in mice. The results may be the first to demonstrate such effects of stress on animals in the womb.

The new study, led by Pierre Gressens, MD, PhD, of Inserm in France, used a mouse model to test whether exposure to minimal but repeated stress throughout gestation would make the offspring more vulnerable to brain lesions similar to those observed in children with cerebral palsy. The findings are published in the July 11 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. Inserm, l’Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale, is the French public biomedical research agency.

“These findings are consistent with growing evidence that constant stress, even minimal, can have a major impact on the quality of life,” says Victoria Luine, PhD, distinguished professor of psychology at New York’s Hunter College, who did not participate in the research.

In the study, the scientists adjusted the normal cycle of light and dark that the pregnant mice were accustomed to for half of the mice, subjecting them to a mild level of stress. Then the researchers exposed the brains of the developing fetuses to injury. When the brains of the young mice were examined on birth, Gressens and his team found that the offspring born from stressed mothers showed brain lesions about twice as big as those in offspring of unstressed mothers.

“Determining the impact of gestational stress on the incidence of cerebral palsy would be of paramount interest,” says Gressens. “Limiting stress during human pregnancy might prove to be a cost-efficient way to reduce the human, emotional, social and economic burden of cerebral palsy.”

Ways to reduce stress during pregnancy:

Exercise regularly, it will help release physical and emotional tension. Yoga is great for reducing stress and improving a pregnant moms overall health. It focuses on the mind, body and spirit and is considered therapeutic

Reduce caffeine intake and try to eat a healthy diet.

Learn to recognize when your muscles are tense, and release them. Focus on your breathing, taking slow, steady, deep breaths from your abdomen rather than your upper chest.

Identify the personal sources of stress in your life and look for ways to eliminate them.



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  • This is kind of scary sounding. Mild stress could mean like, job stress, yeah? I wonder if autism could be caused the same way.

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