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REVIEW! Rollplay Turnado 12MPH Kid’s Ride-on

My boys have hit that stage where many of the entry level 2.5-5mph rideons are too slow.  Last year while in New York City my son rode Rollplay’s Turnado and fell in LOVE.  Designed like a go-cart, this ride-on is not only quick but it’s easy to use.  When kids get going it also does some tricks that have made it a hit with my two.

Out of the box there is minimal assembly to get going.  All that was needed was to pop on the handle bar, install the battery and screw the seat on.  With unpacking and assembly, it took about 20 minutes which was impressive.

The battery does need to be charged for 12 hours before you use it so you may want to factor that in when you are showing your kids.  We kept ours in the garage charging and showed it to them when it was ready to go.  Rollplay does something I love.  They include 2 batteries with the Turnado.  This was a game changer for us because I have 2 kids.  Nothing is worst than one kid draining the battery and leaving it with no power when it’s time for the second to ride.  We just swap in the second battery and we’re good to go.  Genius!

Operating the Turnado is quite easy.  They just flip the switch and press the ‘gas’ pedal.  One things parents should remember is there aren’t different speed levels.  It is zero to 12mphs.  If you have a child who is only used to the standard 2.5-5mph ride ons – this is a big boost!

And it was met with a LOT of excitement.  This was amplified by the Turnado’s ability to drift and spin.  The front wheels of are made of a good rubber to allow for traction but the back are casters that float when kids are whipping around.  This gives them the ability to drift around corners and completely do 360 spins if they want.

Rollplay Turnado - front wheels

This feature has been a big hit.   My kids love that they can drive fast around the court or do a series of crazy 8s if they want.

The cart has been designed in a way however, that it will stop immediately if kids take their foot off the pedal so it’s very responsive for when kids are learning or they start to spin when they aren’t expecting to.

Rollplay Turnado

If you are looking for a next level ride-on for your kids this Summer I highly recommend Rollplay’s Turnado.   It is fast, easy to maneuver, and gives kids the chance to perfect their drifiting and 360 spinning skills!

*Thank you to Rollplay for sending the Turnado for review.  As always, all opinions are mine*

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