Saudi Mom Welcomes Quintuplets

A Saudi woman has welcomed quintuplets. 

Saudi Mom Welcomes Quintuplets

The 34-year-old woman gave birth to the quintuplets naturally at the King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in the North-Western Region in Tabuk with assistance from a medical team there. 

The babies, who arrived in the 28th week of pregnancy, weighed between 950 and 1,100 grams and are reported to be in good health.

It is estimated that quintuplets occur in 1 in 3,906,250,000 pregnancies.  The Al-Ghamdi quintuplets (born 2 February 1988, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) were the first set to be born in Saudi Arabia. Since then there have only been a couple of sets born to families in Saudi Arabia including 2 girls and 3 boys born in 2019. 

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