Shopoholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Exciting news! The highly anticipated next installment in the beloved “shopoholic” series has finally arrived. Get ready to dive back into the delightful world of Becky Bloomwood as she navigates the ups and downs of life as a shopaholic.

In this special book, titled SHOPAHOLIC & BABY, the spotlight is on Becky’s journey through a thrilling time in her life – the path to motherhood! With the author’s personal experience of recently having a baby, the craziness of pregnancy and all the baby shopping is vividly captured. Brace yourself for a hilarious adventure filled with countless online shopping sprees and packages galore for Becky.

But this book is not just about shopping. It also delves into the strains on Becky and Luke’s relationship when Luke’s ex-girlfriend resurfaces. Picture a tall, thin, glamorous woman who knew Luke long before Becky did and even speaks Latin. It’s no wonder poor Becky feels overwhelmed!

As always, Becky juggles a million other things alongside impending motherhood. From house-hunting to saving a failing department store to providing boyfriend advice to her sister Jess, she has her hands full. And let’s not forget her priority during labor – looking good!

Get ready for a delightful and entertaining read filled with laughter, relatable experiences, and the signature charm of Becky Bloomwood. Don’t miss out on this must-read addition to the series!

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