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Shopoholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

The long awaited next book in the “shopoholic” series has arrived!! All of the books are cute and it’s fun to see how Becky Bloomwood is going to get herself out of trouble each time. Here are the Author’s thoughts:

SHOPAHOLIC & BABY was a really special book for me to write. First, because it’s a return to Becky Bloomwood, a character I love and identify with so much. Secondly because it deals with such an exciting time in anyone’s life — having a baby!

I had a new baby recently myself and could totally remember all the craziness that goes along with pregnancy, especially the baby shopping! I went insane with online shopping for nursery accessories as my due date got nearer and nearer — our poor postman nearly broke his back with all the packages!

But the book isn’t just about shopping — its about Becky and Luke and the strain on their relationship when Luke’s ex-girlfriend makes a reappearance on the scene. I don’t want to give the plot away, but let’s just say she’s tall, thin, glamorous, knew Luke way before Becky did — and can speak Latin. No wonder poor Becky gets freaked out!

Being Becky, she’s dealing with a million other things at the same time, from house-hunting to saving a failing department store to giving her sister Jess boyfriend advice… not to mention prenatal classes! (Her first priority in labor, she tells the teacher, is ‘Look good’.)

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