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Nothing is more challenging than going to the grocery store with kids! On top of that you have to put them in those grungy shopping carts. I don’t care where you shop – they do not clean those carts! Because I am such a germ crazy lady, our friends bought our son a shopping cart cover. Brilliant! Who would ever think? You can just leave it in the car and bring it in with you when you go shopping.

It accomplishes 3 things:

1. It covers up the dirty cart.
2. They are padded so its more comfortable

3. They distract your kids from wanting everything they see in the store

There are a few companies that make these covers. Here are a few.

Homemade 4 Baby Cart Cover – 11 patterns to choose from, fits both grocery store and “warehouse” carts, folds into a tote bag, safety strap, front and side pockets with toy loops. $49.99 – 89.99 U.S. depending on the pattern you choose.

BABY a la cart -2 patterns to chose from with the option to provide your own material and have a custom one made. 1. A Velcro® closure pocket 2. Attached Safety belt for added protection. 3.Two Loops across the front to hold your baby’s pacifier and toys.4. Thick, Fluffy Padding provides extra comfort for your baby. $47.00 – 59.95U.S. depending which size you chose, 40.00 – 45.00 custom (you supply the fabric)

Infantino Shop&Play® – Funny Farmer – Shop and Play comes in 3 different patterns. Pockets on the back, 5 removable toys thasqueakek and crinkle, and a headrest. Velcro’s together, doubles as a playmat.
$20.00 @Amazon.com

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