Soothing chair ~ The Perfect Place For Children With Sensory Processing Disorders

As with many children with Autism so, my son has issues with overstimulation.  Years ago my parents bought him Ikea’s Egg chair as a cute addition to his room, but it turned out to be the best chair ever because he could close the shade for quiet time.  As he gets older he uses it less and less because the hard plastic sides aren’t comfortable for relaxing and he doesn’t fit in it as well as he used to.

Today while on Design-Milk I found a really great new option for kids(or adults) to use!

Designed by Dorja Benussi, the soothing chair looks like most chairs you would see in at a child’s desk.  Instead, Dorja has designed some features into the chair to help children who are feeling overwhelmed.

Dorja Benussi soothing chair

The chair itself is created from Neoprene to provide some deep pressure soothing, and a hood can be extended to create isolation when a situation starts to get too crazy.

Dorja Benussi soothing chair 2

The chair also rocks a bit for kids who can’t sit still.

Dorja Benussi soothing chair

Often special furniture for children with developmental issues is very expensive, which makes it unattainable for most families.  Dorja strives to create products that will be affordable for all.

Ideally, she says, sensorimotor furniture would be a ubiquitous and affordable garments for all.

I would love to have one of these for my son when he’s at school.  Last year he would sit in the small space between the filing cabinet and the wall when he was feeling overwhelmed, which we were fine with.  But this would be a better solution.

Dorja Benussi soothing chair with hood up

Now I just need to figure out where I can buy this and try it out with my guy!

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