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Surprise Twin Homebirth! Miracle Babies Born Prematurely After Mother Mistakes Illness for Stomach Bug

In a surprising turn of events, Lucy Shaw unexpectedly gave birth to twins at 30 weeks gestation in the comfort of her own home. Believing she was simply suffering from a stomach bug, Shaw was unaware of she was pregnant with one baby let alone two!

Jacob and Jaxon, weighing a mere 3lb 9oz and 3lb 8oz respectively their mother unexpectedly gave birth at home. Lucy, 34, woke up feeling unwell and initially thought she had a stomach bug. However, as the pain worsened, she called her mother who quickly realized the situation was more serious and called for an ambulance.

With the guidance of the emergency operator, she successfully gave birth to Jacob at 06:00 and just 15 minutes later, paramedics arrived to deliver Jaxon. Despite experiencing blood loss, Shaw remained remarkably calm and was later transferred to the birthing suite at Royal Stoke Hospital for further care.

Jacob and Jaxon James at University Hospitals of North Midlands

IMAGE via University Hospitals of North Midlands

The babies’ condition was dire, with unusually low body temperatures that were deemed unrecordable. However, the tiny babies hung on and have since been dubbed “miracle babies” by hospital staff.

The twins were immediately admitted to the Neonatal Unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital, where they received care and support from the special care team. Ventilators were used to help them breathe, and within a week, both babies were able to breathe on their own.

Lucy expressed her gratitude, stating, “The neonatal unit has provided amazing care for our boys. The whole situation was overwhelming, but we felt supported and reassured by the staff. We knew Jacob and Jaxon were in good hands. The nurses and assistants guided us every step of the way, making us feel like real parents. We are so grateful for their care.”

New parents with Jacob and Jaxon James at University Hospitals of North Midlands

IMAGE via University Hospitals of North Midlands

Dr. Lee Abbott, Neonatology Clinical Lead at UHNM, praised the twins’ resilience, noting that they were true miracle babies. They were faced with low body temperatures, abnormal blood acid levels, and low blood pressure upon arrival. However, they have persevered and are expected to be discharged with minimal special care.

He also recognized the efforts of the paramedic team at WMAS, without whom this amazing outcome would not have been possible.

Currently, at 34 weeks, Jacob and Jaxon are thriving and are expected to go home in the coming weeks. Excited for them to be discharged, Lucy said, “We can’t wait to have them home when they’re ready.”

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