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Swimways Swim Steps Program

Swimways offers parents swim products to help children of all ages enjoy the water safely.

Their Swim Step program has proven to help kids gradually gain confidence in the water. By making swimming exciting, safe and rewarding, SwimWays gives you the tools you’ll need to build a strong little swimmer, right from their very first splash.

Step 1 – Water Introduction (9-24 months) – These products give secure support to young children as they are introduced to the water, helping them stay comfortable and happy. Features like wide, stable floats and seats with a low center of gravity make Step 1 products perfect for your baby.

Step 2 – Water Exploration & Play (2-4years) – These products provide comfortable support to your budding swimmer while he experiments with balancing and paddling – important pre-swimming basics. Products with compact flotation offer your toddler some freedom of movement while durable support gives him the confidence to explore.

Step 3 – Swim Training (2-9 years) – The Power Swimr Swim Training System, is just like training wheels for the water! Graduated flotation gives you the tools to progress your child’s swimming ability at her own pace, helping her feel more empowered in the water. Complete freedom of movement and the proper swimming position help kids take to the water naturally.

Step 4 – Swimming! – Children who can swim on their own often need a little extra support as they refine their swimming abilities. Swim Step 4 products are designed to combine comfortable support and freedom of movement for these kids, giving them the confidence to master swimming skills.

My son’s first swimming experience was in a Swimways Step 1 baby float. I found this a good choice for us because it had a canopy for sun protection, a wide base to prevent it from tipping and it folded up nicely for easy storage. Getting him into the pool at that age (10 months)was somewhat of a feat, but this float made it easier because the seat allowed him to float on his terms while being supported by us.

Now that he’s three, we decided to move up to the Step 2 Swim Sweater. A life jacket hasn’t worked for us because it doesn’t keep him upright. As soon as we put him in the water he topples face first. I like the Swim Sweater’s design because it keeps him supported on all sides, while giving him something to hold on to. The ‘sweater’ portion is nice because he can’t slide out of it.

Parents who are sick of cheap inflatable kids products will like the Swim Sweaters design. The inner tube is made of rubber just like a bike tire. In fact you need a bike pump to inflate it. So, unless you swim over a nail or get into a fight with a shark this tube is going to last you for a while.

With some luck, my son will have the confidence to move onto Step 3 by the end of the summer.

For now, it’s just nice to see that he’s able to float freely around the pool without needing us to hold on to him the whole time.

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