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Six Day Old Mesa Baby Receives Heart Transplant

New parents Caylyn Otto and Chris Crawford are, in many ways, like most parents – they see their son, Oliver, as a gift, a blessing, a miracle. But there are also a lot of ways in which they’re not quite like other parents, namely because they were told, time and again, that their son might not even make it through birth.


Surgeons Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins in Phoenix

After more than 12 hours of surgery, doctors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital have successfully separated conjoined twins. Alex and Angel Mendoza were born last summer and were joined from just below their sternums all the way down through their pelvises. A team of more than 20 doctors and nurses worked to give the boys separate […]


Documentary Spotlights Incredible Stories Of Seriously Ill Children

Sean weighed 2 pounds, 13 ounces at birth. He had severe heart, lung and intestinal complications. Doctors did not think he would survive. In a Documentary featuring the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, directed my Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade takes you through this amazing baby’s journey. For those who have never seen an extremely premature baby, […]