Multiple Births Pete and Jenny Ferrill Quintuplets

The Ferrill Quints Star in Quint Essentials on TLC

Last December, Jenny and Pete Ferrill welcomed quintuplets Landyn Konner, Layne Mykel, Drayden Karter, Irelyn Kadyn and Kieran Skye.

Jenny was admitted to hospital on Oct. 30, 2006 in her 22nd week of pregnancy and stayed on bed rest until the babies were successfully delivered in her 31st week just 4 days before Christmas.

The combined weight of the babies was 17lbs with Irelyn weighing 3.4lbs, Landyn 3.15lbs, Layne 3.24lbs, Kieran 3.25lbs and Drayden 3.35lbs.

This series follows the family through their experience in the NICU and goes into detail about preemie procedures, health risks and expectations that the babies must meet in order to go home.

There is a section in this show that was very interesting to me. It was when the doctor described a condition they call protective child syndrome. This is when the parents become overprotective of their preemie and create what they call ‘a cocoon around the baby’. He goes on to say that parents sometimes overstep their role and can be disruptive to the baby’s social development.

After spending 4 months in the NICU with my own baby, I know why this can sometimes happen. When your child spends the first 14 weeks of their life attached to a machine, a monitor and an IV pump, it is hard to stop analyzing what is happening with them once the machines are turned off. Because most babies will have a spell that causes the whole team to arrive with oxygen bag in hand, parents want to see on a monitor that their baby is breathing OK and that their heart is beating at the right rate.

Multiply this by 5 and that is what this mom was experiencing. This type of setting can turn a parent into a micro manager, with them going as far as picking the nurses that they believe give the best care to only work with their child.

It really takes a special team of people to get the babies to the point they need to be at, in order to go home and it is hard sometimes for the professionals to understand how the parents are feeling. This couple should feel very blessed, from the tearful goodbyes, it appears the team they had in place was very good.

It might actually be possible that every nurse in that intensive care unit watched one of more of these babies at some point during their 9 week stay.

I like that the cameras were able to follow the couple through their time in the NICU and carry on filming after they came home.

When a family is expecting this many babies, the whole world goes crazy with excitement, forgetting that each child has their own needs. Trying to give quality time to this many babies is not only challenging, but it is tiring. Jenny actually says at one point that she feels like ‘meals on wheels’ as she goes from room to room in the NICU to breastfeed her preemies.

I look forward to seeing next weeks episode because the babies are home now and need lots of attention.

Most families who have more than three babies usually rely on nurse organizations or volunteers to help keep their bunch happy and fed. It will be interesting to see how this family keeps things on track.

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  • Hello,

    I saw the three hour documentary and it was very emotional. I love it. Congratulations to the Ferrill family.

    Wish you the best.

  • I found this couple to be a little more pro active about there sitution mom and dad got or are working on masters degree so that in the future they both can work and provide. They recieve donations but I get a different vibe from the Gosselins they dont seem to be doing anything but trying to use their siuation to support themselves

  • I think that the Gosselins are in a different situation because they have other children at home and their kids are on the go.

    8 children is definitely more challenging that 5 and probably more expensive..

  • I just watched an episode where Pete gave Jenny a very expensive looking ring for mother’s day. I was wondering, where the money for that ring came from?

    They got free supplies for the babies, but then they can afford a ring like that?

    It took my husband 5 years and only 2 children to buy me a diamond for our anniversary. Of course we had to pay for our own diapers, washer, refrigerator, etc.

    I’m sorry, but I find this kind of exploitation offensive. They are making money from their show, getting donations when most americans with children are doing the same thing honestly working hard and paying their bills the old fashioned way.

    Did the Ferrills use fertility drugs for their pregnancy? Did they not know that multiple births was a possibility? If they did know (and I’m sure in this day and age they did), then I think they should be responsible for the decision to continue with the drugs and the multiple children that resulted from their decision. They should not rely on others to pay their way.

  • Regarding the comment from Dani Stottlemyer (above), I COMPLETELY agree with you! Many people say the Gosselins live off of hand-outs, but from as far as I can tell, they have never ASKED for the donations, people just want to send them stuff. Now the Ferrils on the other hand, have held several ‘funraisers’, even before the babies were born. They are not ACCEPTING handouts, they are ASKING for them.

    I think it’s one thing to accept charity; I know if someone just sent me clothing, baby gear or donated furniture to me, I’d take it! And that’s with only two kids! But the Ferrils are setting up these drives and even funds on the internet that you can donate cash to. The Gosselins were surviving and raising the kids even before they got their tv specials. The Ferrils have set out to have their community raise their kids.

  • I love the babies names!!! I even named my son Drayden! I wish all of you the best! I have 4 children ages 7, 5, 3 and 3 months it is challenging and fun, a true blessing. Pete and Jenny enjoy your blessings everyday and God will continue to provide for you. Can’t wait to hear from you on tv or through email. I’ll be watching!!!

  • I can not besieve you people putting them down for the situation that they were given. They were given 5 miracles after burying two children. These children were very wanted and very loved. Evidently, you people have never lived in a small community where people come together and help their neighbor. Pete’s father being a preacher probably helped them too because when you live in a small town your church family will help you the most. When a mother has 5 babies it makes it a little harder to go to work. Jenny deserved that diamond ring and for all you know Pete may be making payments for 10 yrs. He is a good man that loves his wife and knows what she had to go through to bring these miracles in to the world and give them a chance to be normal, healthy children. How dare you people sit in judgement of some one else. Evidently, you need to go worship on Sunday. As for Jon and Kate, they have done nothing but make a living off of all of their children. At least Pete and Jenny are furthering their education so that they can provide for these children.

  • The Ferrills are very much like the Gosselins. It is even harder to understand with burying two children that they did not err on the side of hoping for one or two healthy babies rather than playing Russian Roulette for five.

    Let’s get real. They have five babies. There is no way that Jenny will be able to go back to work until they are in school full time and perhaps not even then. Daycare is very expensive running $35 or $50 a day per child and that is on the low end. She would have to be hired as CEO of GM to make enough to just cover daycare.

    Yes, she had five babies but their priorities are warped — a diamond ring? That is absurd and to put it on 10 years of payments is absurd with all that they will need.

    They have thought ahead. Their babies, if they are lucky, will support them for a few years. The viewing public is getting tired of greedy, grifter parents and their show may only be a flash in the pan no matter how sweet they appear to be.

  • hi ferrills family how are you doing with the five wonderful babies when i watched the show lass night i saw what you and pete went through with the two babies that you lost now you have five babys now i can’t wait for the next show to see how you are doing with the kids we can talk through email of when i watch you next show take care of pete and the kids and yourself

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