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The Gosselins Star in ‘Together’

If you can’t get enough of the Gosselins who star in the TLC hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8, then here is a really cute video that the family recently put together.

Even though the family doesn’t actually sing, they sure look cute dancing around and having fun!

Jon & Kate plus 8 kids in music video “Together”

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  • I REALLY think this should be your theam song for the show.!!!!!! (think about it) (but maby a little shorter or not I like this)

  • I really love this vid. It is wonderful. Just a regular family and fun set to a perfect song. This needs to be thier new intro. I dont get to watch it all the time, but I catch it late at night when I am up alone folding a moutain of clothes or I catch the back to back shows to catch up.

  • I love john and Kate plus eight i watch there show my mom had eight children and we are a close family this show is really nice and i would really love to meet them can anybody tell me when they made this song? love you all Anastasia

  • I love the show and think that Jon and Kate are wonderful, real examples of great parents. They are raw, real, and show the everyday realities of parenting. What a great concept for a show. I hope it lasts for years to come!

  • I truly look forward to this show every week. Even my three year old son loves it. In fact he gets upset when the commercials come on and says “I want to watch the kids”. I think Jon and Kate are wonderful parents and I too would love to meet them. I hope there are many more episodes to come.

  • I think they are two oportunistic Parents pimping their childred out for all they are worth. I am appalled by Kate’s attitude towards Jon. She treats the kids like china dolls, never allowing them to get dirty and be everyday kids. If she(they) can’t make a dime using them, the it is a no, no. She begs for love offerings and TLC is providing them with a better income than most of us will ever have and now TLC is providing them with a $1 million dollar plus home. They need to quit complaining about how they don’t have any money or help and admit the truth,

  • I HATE how people have so much hate towards a typical family just trying to make a living!! If you don’t like it…don’t watch it! Anyone would take the money(if any) just to provide for their family! Tammy must you watch the show to just to critize what Kate does and how her relationship is with Jon! Unless you live their lives don’t judge. I know we watch them and we basically know they live and act, but its not a 24/7 thing. I love the show and everything about them! They are a wonderful family and they are just trying to give their kids a GREAT life!

  • I love this video and you have my vote to have this be their new opening song. It’s great! I love you guys and praise the Lord for your life, your kids and how healthy you all are. What a great testimony to God’s Faithfulness.

    and Tammy I will pray for you today that God will put give you a new heart. One that will seek Him and not criticize people who have a heart for God and doing His will. How wonderful that He provided them with a way for income AND a way to share their healthy, Godly and encouraging lifestyle with the world!

    I am expecting my first granddaughter in Nov. My son and daughter in law watch you guys as well. We KNEW you were Christians even before I read it on your site.

    Love each one of you Gosslins! …and will pray for God’s continued Hand on you
    Ann Hartley

  • Jon and Kate put their lives out there to be judged and by their own account claim it’s an accurate depiction of them. I don’t think they’re worth admiring. They make entertaining reality tv. And like most reality programs, does not set
    an example for others to emulate.

  • I love jon and kate plus 8. I watch every episode that comes on monday nites at 8. Also i watch the ones that come on everyday at 4pm. This family is great and all 8 of the kids are sooooo cute and funny. I hope we can watch this family grow forever lol. but thats not possible so at least i hope we an watch them grow for a while. For all those who judge jon and kate in a negative way for the way they raise there kids kick rocks!!! I do not see you doing it!

  • I sure don’t count this family as “typical”. In most “typical families” the children aren’t followed around by cameras and mikes. In most “typical families” the parents work to support the children. The children are allowed a childhood free from public scrutiny. The children in this family can not even imagine such a life. Children should never be “used” to make money for a family or for the public’s entertainment. To continue to watch this show is to promote what is being done to the children for profit. I will not be a party to this behavior. I hope you will follow me in asking for a boycott of this show “Jon and Kate Plus 8”.

  • My children LOVE the show! Monday night is the only night they both stay up til 9:30 to watch the new episode. We even got my husband watching the show! We both think you guys are great parents. I love how you always remember to say positive things to each of the kids.

  • Will production stop or keep going hmmmmm….
    This show has ran it’s course. I can’t wait for everyone to see the “Loud Family”

  • I absolutely love Jon & Kate plus 8 and hope their show runs for a very long time. I would love to see the kids grow into their teenage years. For those of you who are haters, get a life. Nobody is forcing you to watch them. You’re all just jealous because this wonderful family was given an opportunity of a lifetime and people love them. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to make a better life for their children? Are you that ignorant? So, if you don’t like them, change the channel. There are more of us who love them than there are you that hate them. Why do you think their show is still on? …..duhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • Jon and Kate are wonderful people in a very rare and unique situation! I think people are inspired by watching family that is real and parents that are loving and successful in raising their precious 8 children. If you are not in their situation, you have NO place to judge. You have no idea what you would do if you had 6 children at one time!!! The show has provided for them in many ways, and that is how GOD is providing for them. I pray God’s blessing and continued provision over this precious family!!! love you guys, jenny masche

  • Awesome video, I love this family!! I would never ever boycott this show!! It’s real, it’s about family, life, love. I admire Jon and Kate and wish them all the best!! What a beautiful family they have. They all compliment each other in their own unique way!! Go Gosselins!!

  • I absolutely LOVE this show….I come from a family of 8 and I KNOW how hard Jon & Kate have to work to make their family the real, honest, family that they are. I applaude them for doing what they do. Somsetimes I hear people say that Kate has to “chill out”….Well, it’s pretty hard to chill when you’ve got so many children to tend to. It simply is NOT possible. I also know they have to adhear to strict schedules to make anything happen. I love you Gosselin Family. I will continue, and look forward to each and every episode of your show. Your are all beautiful!!!!

  • Thank you for sharing your remarkable children with us.
    and sometimes the b word means ..blessed, in total control of herself..
    GOD Bless!!
    I will watch as long as you allow.

  • Where did you get the Music Video? It is really clear and has GREAT quality! COuld you please tell me? Thanks!


  • I know many men would WANT to go to work each morning, to get away from Kate, if nothing else. But really, wouldn’t most men feel embarrassed to live the life of an entitled person? They charge from $25,000 to $50,000 for their live “presentations.” They get all expenses paid, first class airline reservations and hotel all paid. Everything they eat and everything they use is donated to them by sponsors hoping their product will be mentioned or seen in the TV episodes. Their children already have college funds set up for them, thanks to the State of Pennsylvania. Their new home, which will be 8,000 square feet doesn’t cost them a dime. Who can justify all of this? Shame, shame. They are common welfare trash.

  • You guys gotta to be kidding me. Having a reality show is great for a family like this. Who cares if there stuff is donated. If you all(haters) had this many kids or something unique about yall lives folks would wanna do stories on you as well. STOP HATING!!! This is a GREAT show and a GREAT Family. Babies are Blessings. If they chose to live there life the way they do thats good for them. Jon works and before then Kate was a nurse. I watch every episode and LOVE the show. Let them live the life they want. They are GOOD people.

  • I absolutely love this video and the show!!!!! I hope the show keeps going for a long time to come!!! I agree this video should really be there new intro!

  • I love this show! My 4 year old and I watch all the time! We record each episode. Jon & Kate are wonderful people. SO WHAT…If they get all these wonderful donations then so be it. It is for the benefit of their children & thats parents do..look out for their children’s best interest. I praise them. Kate, your a wonderful mom. God bless all of you!

  • I love the show. Really enjoyed the video. I think Jon and Kate are doing a wonderful job. One thing that makes
    the show so good is that they are real. You can relate to them. No couple gets along all the time. No family is perfect. I hope their show stays on a long time.

  • I enjoy their show for sure. I think their kids are adorable. Lets all be honest they are taking advantage of their situation. They keep saying that the first two years were hard and they didn’t have any money no job etc. Look at them now and how they are exploding their children’s for what. We are to blame if we stop watching those show then they will drop. They do get everything for free, everything. It doesn’t make sense that they said they struggle for the first two years if the show started when the kids were 1 so “HELLO”.. Anyway I do watch it from time to time but its ridiculous how they get away with everything. Their are people that are really struggling with cancer, aids, we have a problem here in America and other countries. People who don’t have anything to eat, starving why can’t we make a show about it and support them and who knows provided them with a big house too. “Life is not fair”

  • Hey guys!!

    Just reading the comments. For anyone who has the opinion the Gosselins aren’t worth admiring, let me suggest to them to please read their new book “Multiple Blessings”. The decisions Jon and Kate made for their family are well worth admiring. They absolutely deserve everything TLC is willing to give them. They seem to overcome obstacles with grace and dignity. There is alot of stuff the book reveals that is not on the show. The video is great. I am one who thinks this is one of the best reality shows on TV and a family show that is alright for ANYONE of ANY AGE to watch. God Bless You, Gosselins!!!

  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD……………….SHUT THE HELL UP about all the negative things your saying about this family. Its not like they have the cameras on thier kids 24 hours a day. They have a 30 min show ONCE a week. you do the math on how much time the kids are actually on camera. The sacrifice they make is having annoying camera men around and lisning to pathetic people like you criticize their life. In return they provide for thier children with a path that God has led for them. And to be honest im not sure they give a rats ass what anyone thinks. They are just living there lives and probably thinking you all should do the same!!!!!

  • For goodness sake, if you don’t like these people too bad. You are not put on earth to police others decisions. They are doing what they can for themselves and their children. They realize that God has blessed them with these little angels and they have the responsibility to provide for them. They are doing a great job as far as I can see and these kids have a chance to grow into wonderful adults because of the values their parents are teachingthem. I want to be their grandma and hug them all because my grandkids are all growing too fast. I wish I lived close so I could be part of the love so freely passed out in this wonderful family !! God bless you all.

  • God Bless the Gosslins. I love their show. Yes, I love the song on the video. Please use this for theme. I also vote keep the show going until they the children are grown up!!!!

    Take care.


  • I love the show and agree with others who says if you don’t have anything to say nice, then don’t say anything at all. God bless you Jon and Kate. Look forward to seeing you on Monday and through out the year of 2009. You are great parents. Keep up the work.


  • Jona and kate will still have to pay electricity, heating and AC.. phone. etc.. So I wish everyone would back off the house they bought. No one know what really went on. Plus they make money like the duggars, and little people by doing Speaking engagments. “my uncle makes 12,000 per pharm. he speaks at” That house they were in was to small.. I am 24, and my parents were teachers and we always had a 3,000 sqft. to 4,000 ft. house.. and their was only five of us.
    if You can geta bigger house, why can’t they save the money they get from speaking. To put on a down payment.. its not like they just handed over 600,000 thou. and it was all said and done. They will make monthly HOUSE payments JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.
    and I have not found one Site.. that can show me.. where on a realtor site, that it says its over a million bucks….
    I always think its funny the people that gripe, sure do know alot bout them. thats means they watch… Also You can’t tell me if TLC or even ABC’s Ty pennington came to you house and said we wanna do a show with you.. or we wanna build you a home.. You would just say.. Naaaa… I dont need a new home.. I dont need a show.. because their are people out there that actually deserve it. PLEASE>.. you would take that deal, and you would be sooooo pumped to be on it.

  • I usually dont comment on these things but im getting a little fed up. You ppl say that they are getting paid to do a tv show, sounds kinda like the millions of actors we have today who get paid for being fake. It’s reality tv. Atleast they are going on with their everyday lives and not just performing stupid stunts for money like the MTV how Jackass. Just leave these people alone and let them live their lives. If you don’t like the show just don’t watch it. Duh.

  • The video wouldn’t come up.
    However, the big difference between making money, a living, a job as an adult is you are given a choice. These children are not given a choice as to their “job” Reality t.v my bootie.
    I’ve seen a few bloopers in the past. They cut and start again, cut and start again. Reality means just that, reality. You don’t get “do overs” it is what it is.
    Who cares what size her house is. My home isn’t that much smaller than hers. So what? My children are saying things like “stop looking at me” to camera crew and having meltdowns because cameras are constantly in their faces.
    Time will tell the damage these children/babies will have to deal with into their adult lives.

    I love the envy comments. Of what? money? Please. There are much more important things in life than money. A relationship with your children which Kate appears to no longer have inasmuch as she is gone more than she is home by her own admission.
    Time for ALL these shows which exploit children to end. Not just Jon and Kate.

  • I think they started out with good intentions. Who wouldn’t? Then fame and money came into the picture. It changed their lives. Both seem bitter and now it’s to late to stop. BOTH do love the fame-I would image in addictive. But neither of them can stop now. So now, it has to run the course.

  • I think you are right that it started with great intentions. I think that is important to remember and as far as exploitation. I think that can only happen from here on out. They have reached a point where they need to make a decision of whether to stay with their show and possibly give what means the most up for money or to stop and really work on life, themselves, and their family. I dont think they ever had the intention of exploitation but yeah I bet the money and free stuff appealed to them. It would me!! It would everyone!! Who would ever know what fame and money could bring about. With 8 kids I think it was smart of them to start the show. It secured them and it could secure the kids future. But I think where it went wrong is the focus went out of their marriage and marriage is hard! It takes work and without the work it feel apart, without even knowing it. Its like gaining weight, you know your pants are a bit tighter but it isnt till you step on the scale and see that 20 pounds are packed on you really realize the extent of it all. They knew something happened but now they are stepping on the scale and the are seeing huge issues that without some deep desire or outside help they may not be able to overcome. Plus you add in the wonderful lifestyle and it clouds your judgement. I admit I would love to be rich but I would hope that it wouldnt cloud the most importnat things in my life, and if it started too I want to say that I would be strong enough to give it all up. I think it is important to not judge, this is their family, yes they are making mistakes but we all have been in situations where we let things get out of hand without even realizing it. I think their only fault is they dont want to realize it or havent yet.

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