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Three Months after Being Declared Dead, Miracle Baby Mireya is Healthy and Meeting Milestones

baby feetThree months ago, after a long and difficult delivery at the IWH Health Center, Robin Cyr was told that her daughter was stillborn. Twenty-eight minutes later, after no breathing and no physical signs of life, the newborn began to spontaneously breathe on her own.

“It’s a miracle, and God is doing his work,” Pearleen Shepard, Cyr’s aunt, who was in the delivery room in “deep and strong” prayer for the baby’s wellbeing, told Metro News. “The doctors took their hands off her. They called it. She was gone. So she truly, truly is a miracle.”

Her story attracted tons of attention from all over the world, making headlines in Europe, New York, and everywhere in between. And though approached by local churches to come and speak, Robin says she’s declined and simply wants to give her now happy and healthy baby girl a life that is as normal as possible.

“I’m just going to let her take her own path,” Robin told Metro News. “She’s doing everything normal, so I just leave it in the hands of God.”

Apparently, so much so that she’s even sleeping better at night with her little Mireya than she did with any of her other children.

“With my other kids, I was a zombie until they were one. I was scared to sleep, always watching over them,” she said. “With her, I shut my eyes in a minute, look gone to sleep. I don’t know, I feel like God’s protecting her. He’s brought her this far. He’s not going to take her from me now.”

And certainly, she’s come a long way from the once declared stillborn child in the delivery room.

According to Robin, Mireya is not only happy and well-loved by her family and siblings, she’s making each and every one of her milestones.

“Everybody asks, is there any health issues? But knock on wood, she’s doing everything on time,” Robin said. “She holds her head up, she turns to your voice, she smiles.”

But even through the tears and the realization that they have a child that once was thought to be gone, Robin and her family note that it’s still a little surreal – that the full realization of what Mireya has been through hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Through Robin’s eyes, there is one lesson learned here, however. And that is that oftentimes, the instincts of a mother are spot-on.

Robin had been told prior to the delivery that Mireya would be large, and that there were some potential complications. Robin requested a cesarean section because of this, and was reportedly denied the procedure by the delivering hospital.

“That makes me very mad, because I personally asked for a C-section when [my doctor] told me about the complications,” Robin said. “Why even make me go through that?”

In fact, Robin’s family says that the delivery was so torturous, that it is still “too traumatizing” for Robin to watch.

“It never should have been a natural birth,” Pearleen Shepard, Robin’s aunt said. “I can assure you…there’s going to be more caesareans. They’re not going to take the chance and let this happen.”

Thankfully though, they have little Mireya, happy and healthy, and still going strong. And hopefully, she will continue to do so for years to come.

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