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Three-year old Saved Family By Putting Out Christmas Tree Fire

This little girl was very brave. For a three-year old to think so quickly is remarkable.

When the Woolliss’ mini tree caught fire, Lilly-May, their daughter knew exactly what to do. She instinctively grabbed the duvet off her bed and smothered the flames.

As her one-year-old brother Harvey slept peacefully in his cot in the room next door the remarkable little girl single-handedly battled the fire.

Today, she was hailed a hero by her proud mother who spoke of the moment she ran downstairs to raise the alarm, having already dealt with the flames.

“It could have been a lot worse,” said 20-year-old Jade Woolliss from Grimsby, North Lincolnshire. “If it were not for Lilly, we could have been dead.”

All of the excitement happened on Christmas Eve. Lilly had a friend over and they were watching a movie in her room.

A small tree that had been placed in her room to replace a night light started to spark and then eventually caught on fire. Lilly, thinking quickly grabbed her duvet and smothered the fire before it could spread to anything else in the room.

Her mom, who was downstairs at the time, is not sure where she learned her fire ending technique saying,

“It’s remarkable bearing in mind she is only three years old. Maybe she has seen it on TV or some kind of fire safety lesson at her nursery. It’s incredible. I shudder to think what could have happened had she not been so calm and collected when the tree first caught light. She is our little hero. I’m so proud of her. She saved our Christmas.”

The first Miss Woolliss knew of the fire came when little Lilly ran into the living room to say that there was a “funny mark” on the carpet. She immediately ran upstairs to find the smouldering tree covered by the youngsters quilt.

Miss Woolliss is now hoping their narrow escape will act as a lesson to other families who unwittingly place electric lights on their child’s tree, despite the dangers.

“I want to warn all parents not to put electric lights on their child’s tree,” she said. “We are fortunate that Lilly had the presence of mind to act quickly. I’m not sure other families would be as lucky.”

I think we underestimate what our kids learn. The are little sponges, soaking up information all over the place. This little girl is very lucky, she did a great job saving Christmas!!


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