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Leslie Fremar, stylist and former Vogue editor, gives Fashion Week Daily her top tips on dressing stylishly while accommodating an ever-growing waistline. Leslie who succesfully dresses Julianne Moore, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Connolly, Jimmy Fallon, and Anna Paquin, has had the task of making Maggie Gyllenhaal look great while out promoting her 4 upcoming films.

1. Don’t feel you have to wear maternity clothes. I would suggest buying pieces you like from your favorite stores in a larger size and having them tailored.

2. Maggie and I found that dresses were the easiest thing to wear. It is simple and chic. The key is to stay away for things that look messy.

3. We always had a belt around or a piece of fabric we could tie around the belly. I think it’s important to accentuate the pregnancy instead of trying to hide it.

4. Maybe a heel is not the best idea, but a wedge helps! The height gives the body some length and helps the silhouette of the belly. Ballet flats work too—there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable.

5. Stay true to your personal style. I think pregnant women often think they should be wearing girly clothes. If you are edgy or like to take risks, like Maggie, don’t change your style.

6. Have a tailor put elastic in the waist of your jeans. We had no luck with maternity jeans.

7. You can always find safety in black. A good black dress can take you a long way in your pregnancy. To change it up you can put on a cardigan, cute jacket, or change the accessories.

8. Empire is the obvious choice. If the blouse or shirt is cut too short, you can always layer it with a good long cotton tank top underneath. My advice would be to never show your belly.

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