Woman Delivers Baby on Side of the Road after Crashing Car

We share all kinds of speedy delivery stories, but this one literally gave me chills! In Kilkenny, a mother of three delivered her baby on the side of the road. The delivery happened Wednesday night after the mother had tried driving herself to the hospital.

Baby Feet

Chilly and foggy, the night made for poor driving conditions for the woman who, at the time, was in labor. She ended up hitting a roundabout and crashed her car. Passersby stopped to help after seeing the accident. Two of the most influential were Eamonn and Mae Doyle from Kilkenny.

The couple were told by a young man that had arrived on the scene before them that the woman was going to have a baby. Mrs. Doyle approached the car and found the driver’s side door open. The expectant mother was lying back across the passenger seat and had immediately told Mrs. Doyle, “Get ready to catch my baby.”

According to Mrs. Doyle, she put her hands out, and the baby immediately fell into them, crying. She then told the mother that the baby was fine, and that everything would be okay.

A blanket was wrapped around the baby while Mr. Doyle phoned for an ambulance. The mother and her 7lb baby girl were then transported to the nearby hospital. Sources say that, despite some mild hypothermia for the little girl, both mother and baby are safe and well.

It goes without saying that we are happy to hear that both mother and baby are doing fine, despite the crazy entrance this baby girl made into the world.

We feel we should also add to mothers: if you are on your own and you go into labor, please don’t try to brave it alone! It’s true that anything can happen, and your body needs to be able to focus on safely bringing your baby into the world. If it comes right down to it, please call an ambulance to drive you.

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