YouTube Mom ‘Real Mom Real Solutions’ Announces She’s Pregnant With 17th Child

Nancy from Real Mom Real Solutions recently made a surprising announcement after taking a year-long break from YouTube – she is expecting her 17th child.

YouTube Mom 'Real Mom Real Solutions' Announces She Pregnant With 17th Child

What’s even more astonishing is that this news comes just a few months after she gave birth to her last child.

YouTube Mom 'Real Mom Real Solutions' Announces She Pregnant With 17th Child

Known for running a family-orientated YouTube channel, which boasts over 44,000 subscribers, she explained her absence from social media and shared the reason behind it – the birth of her 16th child in July last year and her subsequent pregnancy.

To accommodate their growing family, Nancy and her husband have been busy remodeling their house. Almost every room has undergone changes, and they even installed an impressive playhouse for the kids to enjoy.

Nancy already has an equal number of boys and girls, and her 17th child will be another boy. When asked about why she has so many children, Nancy responded with her own question – why wouldn’t someone want a large family? She cherishes the uniqueness and joy that each child brings to her life, stating that she couldn’t imagine life without any of them.

Being a mother to such a large brood comes with its challenges, as Nancy often gets looks while grocery shopping for her entire family. She plans to address this in future videos by sharing grocery hauls and meal planning tips. Nancy’s shopping trips are always an adventure, with overflowing baskets that surprise those around her.

The arrival of their 17th child is expected in just a few weeks.

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