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23 Weeker Defies Odds By Breathing Just One Week After Birth

Arriving last Monday at just 23 weeks of gestation, Berselia Hernandez Chavarri defies odds by breathing on her own inside her incubator. The baby’s chances of survival are still being assessed, but it is definitely a good sign that she is already breathing independently.

23 Weeker Defies Odds By Breathing Just One Week After Birth

Borselia surprised doctors at Trujillo, Peru when she was born weighing just 450gms (less than a pound).

Her mom Sonia Chavarri is shown here watching on as she sleeps.




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  • I wish you congratulations on your baby. I had my son at 24 weeks gestation period. He is doing well in the NICU. They are taking excellent care of him. Yes he did too breathe on his within his 1st week of his life. He is my pride and joy and I wouldn’t change having him for the world.

  • Your story provides me with faith. I recently had my baby at 22weeks gestation and its been very challenging. I would like to hear more about your story and others who have been in my situtaion. I wish you and your new family the best.

  • having 4 micro preemie babies all under 2 pounds its thrilling when your child breaths on her own my smallest baby Josie who is a 10 month old on oxygen at home started breathing on her own at 3 months old and my other babies whom ar still with me today weighed 1lbs 3oz 1lbs 7oz and 1lbs 1oz

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