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8 Reasons Why I LOVE Ikea

Last week I took a trip to Ikea to pick up some stuff for our house. My husband was working so it was just my son and I, which always proves difficult when I want to get anything that is bulky.

Upon arrival, I remembered why I love Ikea and wondered why I don’t go more often.

Here is a list of the reasons this store is one of the best for families of all ages:

8. Unique Children’s Furniture – From the carpets down to the organizers, Ikea always manages to have the cutest and most innovative stuff for kids. The toys are simple, but bright and fun.

7. Open Atmosphere – As a new walker, my son loves to wander all over not really going anywhere in particular. Ikea has such a vast warehouse that he was able to cruise all over without bothering any of the other shoppers.

6. The Washroom – Our first stop before we started to shop was the washroom. I forgot my son’s diaper bag in the car, but that was okay because Ikea has everything you will need for a diaper change in the washroom. Diapers, Vaseline, wipes and a change table. For toddlers who are not tall enough to reach the sink themselves they have provided a step to help them. I was amazed at the whole set up in the bathroom. I have never been to any store that provides so much for their little shoppers before.

5. Breastfeeding Room – Ikea has a breastfeeding room! There are only a handful of store that provide a secluded place for mothers to nurse their children and Ikea is one of them. I can’t tell you how many times we have been out and I had to breast feed my son on stool in the corner of the bathroom. We are past that stage so I didn’t visit the breastfeeding room for fear that the other moms would think I was being weird…scoping the place out.

4. The Cafeteria – The cafeteria at Ikea has always been a favorite spot for me even before I had my son. I like their food and it is always reasonably priced. Now that we have him I look for stuff that he can eat and Ikea had a great selection. First, they have 4 meals that are each .99 for kids: Mac and Cheese, spaghetti, nuggets and a hot dog. On the wall, as I entered the food line, were bottles of baby food. The selection was limited, but at least there was a choice. I have NEVER been to a restaurant or cafe that offers baby food. For parents who have forgotten anything at home – IKEA might possibly have it available for you. (With the exception of clothing, this may be the only thing they don’t carry) It was impressive to see the lengths that they went to, to let parents know families were welcome.

3. Little Artist Program –On the first Saturday of each month some stores (check the website to see if your store is included) have a arts and crafts program for kids 12 and under. It lasts for 2 hours which may be exactly how long you might need to stroll around the store with your husband to choose new furnishings for your house.

2. The Playroom – Each store has a play room with TVs, toys and a ball pit. Your kids should measure between 99cm (39″) and 137cm (54″) to play in the IKEA Play Area and for safety reasons, the number of kids allowed in the playroom is limited. Make sure your child is toilet trained.

1. The Prices – Most of the items at Ikea are reasonably priced. They produce great items that will fit into most parents budget. Where else can you get a storage box for $12.99, a hanging seat for $34.99, or Swivel armchair for $89.00.

Unlike heading to the mall, parents don’t need to be worried about their rambunctious children at Ikea. There are a ton of things to keep them occupied, that are almost all complimentary.

This store has sent a clear message to parents, that their kids are not only welcome – it is encouraged to bring them.

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  • ikea employees have harrassed women who nurse in the general shopping area. telling moms they have to go to the rest room or breastfeeding room. Here in new york thats not legal. A woman has a right to nurse her baby when she and baby are ready. its our civil right to nurse anywhere at anytime. i would not like to nurse in a corner of a bathroom or in a “breastfeeding room”

  • I know this is an old post but I would like to point out that the “breastfeeding room” is a bathroom. For a company that touts its “family-friendly”-ness relegating infants to the bathroom to eat is pretty unfriendly. Especially when they have a store full of furniture that make great places to breastfeed.

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