Australia’s ‘Baby Bonus’ Causing a Problem

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There is an increase in birth announcements in Australia and it’s not due to more love and happiness, but money.

The government offers mothers (married or single) a $5,000 bonus, tax free, when they deliver their baby. This money is probably to help absorb some of the increased costs that go along with a new baby, but that is not what is going towards…

Adelaide-based social worker Sue Vardon said on Monday there had been a spike in the number of babies being handed over by their mothers into the care of the state in the three years since the government began paying a bounty for every new baby born.

It is sad to hear that someone would carry a baby for 40 weeks, just to receive a pay off and hand the child over like there is no bond there.

Maybe the government should reform their plan and offer a dollar amount that could be used at a department store for family supplies or baby gear.


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  1. Ally says:

    I wish they did this over in Canada, it would REALLY help with buying stuff for the baby.. Or even medical costs (if there are any!)

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